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15-year-old deck rebuild

Budding Contributor
Budding Contributor

This 25 square metre deck was rebuilt using Merbau decking, laminated veneer lumber and Pine.





The project


About 15 years ago we had a 25 square metre hardwood deck installed. The decking was in good shape but the supports were rotten. The last time I did any woodwork was over 50 years ago, but I thought I'd give it a go.


When you rip everything up and get into the mind of the original builder problems emerge. I tried to replicate how they started off with battens bolted into brickwork and had problems with dodgy bricks and mortar, which date back to 1919.  I whacked in some stirrups and away we went.


I used 90mm Merbau, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams and H3 Pine and put in damp coursing. I installed a false area under the tap so a plumber can get access to the inspection point. I oiled the deck with 50/50 boiled linseed oil and turps and painted all the bearers.




I tossed up nails but on the original deck they kept coming up proud and I was always having to knock them back in, so I used stainless steel screws. There were something like 1800 screws in it all up. I just finished before the rain and after three days of solid rain there has been no warping.


Materials and the removal of all the old decking came to $4,800 in total. I did it all on my own from demolition to moving materials, including 6m lengths of LVL in and out.




How to build a low-level deck


A low-level deck can pose a range of potential design and installation problems, with particular challenges around ventilation, drainage, termites and rotting. But it doesn't have to be a difficult project once you take the time to understand the basics of how they are put together.


Experienced Bunnings Workshop member Adam Woodhams has created a comprehensive guide to building your own low-level deck which should provide an excellent reference for getting started. 


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