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Budget Bunnings kitchen transformation

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Painting the tiles and cabinetry, plus adding a new sink and Merbau timber benches, helped transform an outdated kitchen into a bright new space.





The project


Look at our kitchen

It really"bitchen"

Even though it was not always so.

We decided we needed

And I think we succeeded

A D.I.Y. kitchen reno.

We were sick of the green

The benches obscene

The backsplash old, antiquated.

It once was adored

But now just abhorred

Very broken and dilapidated.

So, we painted the cabinets

We painted the splash

Got the benches from Bunnings - they're Merbau.

Lord only knows

How it turned out so well

But it managed to turn out well somehow!

Now I'm pleased to say

That to this very day

We look at it in a hazy proud wonder.

Cause we just don't know

How it turned out to be so

And not one big, massive D.I.Y. blunder!




We needed to update the kitchen because it wasn't really functioning anymore. The tap was leaking through the bench, and it was literally falling apart. Also, it was green - enough said. We wanted to spend as little as possible, so we painted the tiles and the bottom cupboards, and replaced the sink. We also got a mixer tap (we thought we were so cool) and replaced the bench with Merbau panels.


Long story short, we are the proud parents of a very low-cost Bunnings D.I.Y. kitchen, and we love it. By simply painting the tiles and cupboards and replacing a few items, our kitchen was transformed.


If anyone is interested in me explaining our process, the products used and a breakdown of costs (just $1425.85) I have made this video. 



We put this makeover off for years, so something I wish we knew before we started was that it would all work out fine and not be a big flop. Also, it wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. If we had known all of that, we would have tackled this project a lot sooner.


We know it's nothing crazy special - there are so many amazing transformations here - but to us it's pretty cool.


Before and after






Home Improvement Guru


:laugh: love the description! :smile: And As soon as I saw your cupboards I went "Thats the same as mine! right down to the handles!" Tho my current benchtop is particle board painted from the same era :surprised: 

I also want to go the way with a timber benchtop. Tho not sure if I will have joins in the benchtop (trying to limit those in my build)

How has the timber held up? I was listening to your description on the video and how the marks seem to disappear! :surprised:

Ive even been tempted to go the route of the metal workshop cabinets with drawers on wheels and put that type of timber on top.

Are your cupboards doors particle board? (The ones on the floor) And are they a flatpack style carcuss? I was so caught out by the benchtops I didnt see the doors at first :smile: 

I really like the re-vamp you have done!






Becoming a Leader

Thank you @Dave-1 

Yes those green benches, I think there was a maroon and black at the time also, very interesting 😁. The benches are really good and have stood up to wear really well because I was a bit paranoid at first as to how they wood go 😂 get it. Sorry. I know it sounds weird that the marks disappear but they seem to because I have had marks in other places as well and I actually just went to try to find some but they're not obvious. There are dark grain patterns through it also which disguises blemishes I think. I should oil it again though cause it's going on a couple of years now. I wanted to use the merbau because the panels were wider than the other timber panels that they sell and it meant we didn't have to join near the window or the bench overhang. That would have been a disaster. 

The doors are like a particle board I think, El Cheapo kind of thing but they came up well and we just didn't want to replace them. I also really didn't like the backsplash it was a cream and green pattern. The white tile paint really freshened that up also and made a huge difference.

Thank you for watching the video but anyone who does probably needs a medal because I had just started my YouTube channel and wasn't able to edit properly because of my computer so I rave on about nothing half the time😂.

Definitely have a go, we figured it couldn't be any worse😀.

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