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Bunnings bee house

Amassing an Audience
Amassing an Audience

A fun project to create a familiar-looking home for solitary bees.





The project


I've tried my hand at making several recycled pallet homes for solitary bees in the past, which turned out well. A local hospital was trying to get their hands on a bee house as their old one was destroyed. Because it was for a children's ward play area, I thought I might try something a little bit different and build a Bunnings Warehouse bee house.




I used Meranti timber and various Ryobi tools including a drill driver, belt sander, 18v brad nail gun and a palm sander. I coated the timber with Dulux Aqua Enamel after priming it.


This is the first time I've used a 18v brad nail gun before. I've got say I was seriously impressed with the ease of which I put together the timber. Saved me loads of time that I would usually spend pre-drilling and screwing. It's my new favourite tool!




Although it may look like it, there are no closed ends to the bamboo as cuts were made mid nodules. What you are seeing is the pith on the inside, and it deteriorates within weeks. I believe the bees also clear it out themselves as it is soft. I have revisited several I've made in the past and none had this material remaining.


How to make a bug hotel


Making a bug hotel is a great way to bring all sorts of critters such as native bees, bugs and other interesting creatures into your yard. Follow step-by-step instructions to create your own: How To Make A Bug Hotel.


More bee houses


Mitch also shared a series of bee houses made from recycled pallet timber in this discussion: Native bee hives.




Workshop member mich1972 created this hanging bee house using a terracotta pot, braided sisal and branches with drilled holes from native trees and shrubs that needed a prune.




Cultivating a Following

Well Done Mitchell !!...  Im inspired by your bee house creativity ..( and all your badges), well done!!  ...  We might have a go at something like this, and the bug motel for our schools garden project we are currently creating..   thanks again for sharing ..  Much appreciated, Dee:)

Amassing an Audience

I'm glad this project has inspired you, @Dee-Zines


Bee houses and bug hotels are fantastic projects for children. Not only are they a great craft activity, but for months after, the children will check to see if anything has moved in. They're always ecstatic when one of the bamboo lengths gets filled in.


I look forward to seeing what you make, and many thanks for your kind comments.




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