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Floating timber desk with concealed brackets

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A large floating desk installed on a brick wall with concealed supporting brackets.





The project


I installed this floating desk for a client. The first challenge was that it's a 2880mm desk so it was important to get the right brackets and support in place. 


I had my kitchen tradesperson cut a length of laminate to size and I got to work on cutting channels in the underside of the desk to hide the brackets. Of course, my sister hadn't returned my router and, given she lives an hour away, I had to resort to using a chisel and a multitool. Bit of extra elbow grease required and not as much of a clean finish as a router, but it did the job well enough.


20181009_092639.jpg 20181009_091303.jpg


Next, it was time to measure up the walls of the study to install the angle brackets, including cutting channels into the plaster on a brick wall to conceal the two large supporting brackets.






To finish it all off, I popped the desk on top, screwed it to the brackets, and went about plastering, sanding and then painting the wall channels. I finished the edges on top with white silicone.




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