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Herringbone tables made from scrap timber

Cultivating a Following
Cultivating a Following

These portable tables made using reclaimed timber are easily dismantled to transport for outdoor dining.





The project


With no taught skills and budget tools from Bunnings I created a beautiful table for friends and family to gather around.



I had so many people admire my first table that I decided to make a few more.




I made this set-up for my friend's hen's day! The guests were so blown away that I was encouraged to start a small side hustle, so I did




The darker tables were my first ones. They are 1.5m long and completely made from scraps.




I made a frame with Pine. Then I attached pieces of thin ply that were in the bin. Then I attached the Pine pieces directly to the ply.


The legs are pieces of Pine from pallets. They have strap grooves but that’s OK – I face that part inwards.I have bolts that go from the outside right through the leg and are tightened with wing nuts so I can remove them for storage and transport.


When scraps haven’t been available for the sides I’ve used fence palings. To seal them I use Cabot’s water-based CFP Floor as it’s a little harder wearing.




I have since made the lighter-coloured tables by using a piece of 15mm plywood and attaching the cut bits of Pine directly to the top with fast-drying glue.


Working with the scrap Pine can be tricky as sometimes the pieces have a bit of a bow, so I use short brad nails to hold them in place until the glue dries. Often you’ll find me placing another piece of ply or anything I have on hand to weight it all down overnight to ensure they dry flat.

Once dry, I cut the timber flush to the edge and give the top a sand so they’re all the same height. I then attach a piece of dressed timber to the edges with 45-degree cuts on the corners. Then I fill in the gaps with Agnew's Water Putty multi-purpose filler. I then sand again until they are super smooth and stain and varnish them.


I have made the legs on these to be folding just with a hinge attached to the plywood.

These are quite time-consuming for me as scraps require a lot more attention and I’m a perfectionist but I’m really proud of them. I most of all, I enjoy making them!


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Making a Splash

Impressive work. Well done.

Becoming a Leader



Couldn't go past this post without say WOW, this table is just awesome..   I've upcycles many bits of furniture over the years but just fell in love with the table and how it came to give you the confidence to make and upcycle other pieces of furniture like you have.  You are an inspiration to us all.  Meaning us of the fairer sex.. 

Do you mind me asking where you get such awesome scraps?  they are just perfect for this type of project.  I have a few older coffee tables I'm looking to refurbish and thought of doing one of them similar to your lovely table, but thought I would have to purchase timber as I certainly don't have scraps to meet the need.

Thank you once again for sharing.  Just awesome, and here I've been upcycling my older furniture for fun and just me.. 



This oldgal

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