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Low-level deck over concrete alfresco

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


A low-level Merbau deck to extend an alfresco area.





The project


I built a deck on my alfresco area, which extends a few metres into the lawn area. The size of the deck is 4.5 x 4.2m. The alfresco area is 3m long and there is a further 1.2m on the lawn area. It’s a low-level deck, as the maximum height I could go was around 160mm.


I used 11 90 x 45mm joists across 4.5m, with sideboards (90 x 45mm) covering all the edges of the rectangle. These were screwed together using 75mm batten screws.


The joists sit on Buzon pedestals, which can bear more than 1000kg. The joists sit on five rows of pedestals, 30cm from both sides and the three in the middle area, evenly spaced.


Three pedestal rows are sitting on the concrete alfresco area, two pedestals are on the lawn area and sitting on bricks that I laid on concrete. Instead of attaching the deck frame to the house, I chose to use angle brackets and connected it to the concrete slab. 




Unfortunately, the Merbau boards (90mm) I got were not straight. There were 20 - 50mm bends in all the boards and I used clamps to fix them. Sometimes I just cut the boards to smaller lengths. A lot of patience is required when fixing the panels. If I had a bigger budget, I would go for Ekodeck panels in the hope it would reduce the effort required to fix the panels.




Finally, the work is completed. Only stain and oil are pending.





Home Improvement Guru


That deck is looking good :smile: Makes that outside area look tidy! Ive had the same hassel with decking and have used ratchet straps to help tame them. :smile: They worked a treat!



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