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Outdoor daybed swing

Amassing an Audience
Amassing an Audience

A daybed swing made using recycled pallet timber and 40mm rope.





The project


This was such a fun project to make. I had the vision is my head but without any plans or measurements, the build was all made up on the spot.

The swing was made from recycled timber which was cleaned, sanded smooth, and finished off with timber oil that is suitable for outdoors use with UV protection.


Rope selection was a tough one as I was trying to work out the thickness of the rope that would be most suitable for this swing. I didn’t want to go too thin but didn’t want to go too thick either. I managed to find a guy who sold this 40mm rope and he was able to loop the top ends which saved me time in doing it myself.


I also added a custom fabricated mattress with cushions.



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Home Improvement Guru

Good Morning @LePallet 

Love the seat! And the location :smile: That is brilliant!

I have a couple of questions of course :smile: The posts are secured as part of your deck, do they want to move when you swing? Is the top part attached to out of shot framing also? I always stress about movement on these types of seats and always want to have one of these type of seats :smile: Kinda Catch 22.

How long ago did you build it and how is it holding up?



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