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Poolside deck renewal

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


A worn timber deck stripped back and coated with Intergrain timber stain.




The project


Some of you may have seen a previous post asking "How do I fix my deck?". You folks had some awesome suggestions for which I thank you. I stripped the old stain off with Intergrain timber stripper which worked really well (I also learnt it is very slippery). Then cleaned it off with my Karcher, although this did chew up the wood, but just a little.


Then, following advice from the Workshop community, I hit it with 80 grit followed by 120 grit sanding paper, my palm sander and my new toy, the orbital sander. It's taken me a while (I can't physically do too much) but I'm very proud of myself for what I achieved. 








This is the part I have trouble with. I can never seem to blend properly; it always ends up streaky.




Well, this project has taken a long time to finish. Finally, the weather was just right. The second coat is done and dusted. It may not be perfect but then neither am I, but I'm very happy with it. Thank you to everyone that helped me with ideas and "How to do"s. Very much appreciated. 







I'm very happy with what I've achieved. I can only do what my health allows so it's a slow process. I'm hoping to restain the steps and attempt to put some deck lights in (might be back for help with that) then finally some plants and furniture, all by summer ... hmm.


I got these deck lights. I've just got to figure how to install them. I've got the hole cutting attachments so it shouldn't be too hard. 






Before and after






Home Improvement Guru

Evening @Jeanagh 

:smile: Love it! It really came up nice didnt it :smile: I do remember your questions and you have gone through it very nicely :smile:


Most enjoyable part of the reno was?


And have you cracked a cold drink and relaxed out there on your new deck?



Having an Impact

Dave-1 thank you, I'm really happy the way the deck came up.  The whole project took me ages but was worth it.  Very satisfying to step back and say,  "I did that". 

Yes, that coldy and the swim were all worth the wait

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