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Rain leaks into my new shed

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Rain leaks into my new shed

Hi my shed is only in it's position for six months so it is in dirt which is about 90% level. The rain seeps in one side. I've put pavers against the wall on the outside to help keep the rain out. 

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Re: rain leaks into my new shed

Hi @countryshay19 - sorry to hear of your issues. We’d better help you sort it before winter sets in and it rains properly (assuming you live somewhere that it might actually rain :unhappy: )


I’m assuming that you’ve put the shed up on dirt, without a concrete base? Which sometimes happen due to money reasons, and which I’ve done myself.


Instead of trying to block the leak with propped up pavers, I would encourage you to buy some builders plastic, maybe something like this at $19, and a roll of duct tape (paint section, in the aisle where adhesives, masking tape live).


Organise the plastic so you can drape 1/2 metre width all the way around the bottom of the shed.


Cut the plastic to suit - you should be able to get a double thickness for an average shed, if you have a really large shed, buy one of the bigger rolls of plastic.


Duct tape the TOP edge of the plastic to the BOTTOM of the shed, all the way around. Like you’re making an apron on the outside of the shed.


Then, use your pavers to hold down the loose edge. Even better, dig a shallow trench all the way around the shed (or the side where it leaks the worse), then hold the plastic down in this, with the pavers.


This is a solution which will hold for a while, until you can get around to pouring a concrete floor inside the shed, which would be a permanent solution, although requiring more work and $$$, hope this helps, cheers Deb :smile:

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Community Manager

Re: rain leaks into my new shed

Hi @countryshay19,


Welcome to Workshop. Sorry to read of your leak, but great to see that you've already got some helpful advice from @Mathy


You might also want to share a photo or two so members can more easily see what you are working with and suggest further remedies. 


Please feel free to post on Workshop whenever you need help with a project. We have loads of helpful members sharing advice and inspiration every day. 




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