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10 ways to add garage storage

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Adding storage helps keep your garage tidy and enables you to quickly and easily find what you need.


Bunnings Workshop community members have shared many clever and creative projects to help keep their garage organised.


Get inspiration for your home from these 10 garage storage ideas.


1. Add shelving


Shelves add extra storage space to arrange and store your tools. Jess (@prettyliving) made custom heavy-duty brackets for floating timber workbench and shelves in her garage.




To maximise storage in your garage or shed, also check out How to build garage storage by experienced member Rob @Peggers.


2. Use pegboards


Pegboards allow you to display and store tools easily while maximising storage space. In a garage storage makeover, Lauren (@lcooksey88) used Pinnacle pegboards to mount her tools, as did Ratboy with his workshop build.




Check out 10 ways to store tools for more ideas.


3. Build a workbench with built-in storage


Community member @Rodney's custom workbench with built-in tool storage offers a huge amount of work space for all manner of projects and features loads of built-in tool storage.




Read Top 10 most popular workbench projects for more ideas.


4. Create a drill charging station


A drill station can help organise your drills while keeping them charged. @Wayne's very popular D.I.Y. drill charging station incorporates holders for drills, charger and bits.




Our guide How to build a drill charging station by resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Mitch contains step-by-step instructions for building your own. 


5. Organise materials


Compartment organisers are ideal for storing smaller materials like screws and drill bits. Workshop member @fhk56 used them to store fasteners and fixings, neatly arranging the organisers in these custom D.I.Y. timber cabinets.


Organise materials.png


Check out more tool storage solutions.


6. Use cabinets


Keep your tool boxes organised and easily accessible by building a tool organiser cabinet. Taking inspiration from @fhk56, Bunnings Workshop’s resident D.I.Y. expert Mitch shared a step-by-step guide How to build a tool organiser cabinet.  




Don’t miss 8 inspiring cabinet projects for more ideas.


7. Hang bikes


Using the wall to hang your bike ensures more floorspace in your garage or shed. Bunnings Workshop member @mattylara027 asked for help about hanging bikes from a garage brick wall, and was thrilled with the end result.




Get more inspiration from Bike and scooter storage ideas.


8. Use hooks


Hangers and hooks maximise vertical space and keep tools off the ground or work surfaces. Mark (@Remarka6le) used Pinnacle hooks to hang sawhorses in this D.I.Y. shed workbench makeover.




Get more ideas from our Top 10 most popular storage projects.


9. Make a mobile tool stand


Mobile stands are an effective way to access and store frequently used tools.  A flip-top mobile tool stand by Hazel (@hazesnow) saves space by pivoting between two tools.




The Bunnings team shares more tips in 7 handy tool storage ideas.


10. Add drawers


Drawer tool trolleys or chests are great for organising hand tool collections like spanner sets and chisels. While building a mobile CNC router workbench@Seaton added drawers for extra storage.




You can also add drawer dividers to help find items quickly and easily. Have a look at How to build drawer dividers by Carl (@CSParnell) for step-by-step instructions.


More help and inspiration for your garage storage project


Need more ideas for adding storage to your garage? Feel free to hit the Ask a question button and our helpful community members and experienced Bunnings experts will be happy to assist. 

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