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Hanging bikes from garage brick wall

Cultivating a Following
Cultivating a Following

Hanging a bike offers more floor space for storage or workspace for building your next project.





The project


Looking to hang his bikes from the garage wall to give himself more space on the ground, Bunnings Workshop member Matty asked the community for suggestions on the best screws to secure the hooks.


Kermit suggested using a masonry bolt, while L8RALIG8R offered the following advice:


After trying to secure my cafe blinds down to the floor with anchors several times due to the wind tunnel we live in, I've managed to find a very helpful product: Timbermate 500g Concremate Expanding Cement. This will add extra peace of mind, knowing that the weight of the bikes won't rip the anchor from the wall.

This Ramset 6 x 34mm Flat Head Dynabolt has a countersunk head for a flush finish. Just make sure you get the right size for the hole of the bike hook and don't use one that's too long. Anything above 48mm is too long.


Drill your hole with a masonry drill bit and clean any dust out of the hole. You'll only need a tiny bit of Concremate Expanding Cement, which you mix yourself. All you have to do is add water to the fine powder-like substance until you achieve your desired consistency, fill your holes and screw in your Dynabolt quickly as this stuff sets very fast.




How to hang a bicycle


Free up valuable storage space in your shed by storing your bicycle on a wall or ceiling-mounted hanger with this simple step-by-step guide: How To Hang a Bicycle.


Popular bike storage projects


This bike rack on castors by member Tara makes it easy to store multiple bicycles in a tight space and can be built in just a day.




Building a bike shelter down the side of the house created easier access for weekenddiyer's family rather than storing them in the garden shed where they were never used. 




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