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10 ways to make your home feel brighter

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

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Brighten up your home with these simple and effective tips to make it feel more open and inviting, even during those bleak winter days.


Our Bunnings Workshop community members share inspiring projects and great ideas every day. Please let us know if you need inspiration or advice for your home. We're here to help. 


1. Use light colours


Choose white or light-coloured paint for your walls and ceilings to reflect more light. Light-coloured furniture and decor also enhance this effect.


Experienced Bunnings Workshop community member Rufaro (@diy_hausdesigns) brightened his budget laundry makeover with white walls, cabinetry and benchtop.


Check out the guide How to paint like a professional for more advice. 


2. Add mirrors    


Place mirrors strategically to reflect natural light. A large mirror opposite a window can double the sunlight.


D.I.Y. grid mirror was a fantastic addition to community member Leanne's (@craftyhopper) living room.


3. Clean the windows


Dirty windows can block light. Regularly clean your windows inside and out to maximise the amount of natural light entering your home. A Karcher WV2 Black Premium Window Vac makes this task easy.


Here’s a helpful guide How to clean windows.


4. Use sheer curtains


Replace heavy drapes with sheer curtains to allow more light while still maintaining privacy. You can also choose sheer blinds.


Check out the guide How to choose the right window treatments for advice.


5. Install skylights


Skylights bring natural light into darker areas like hallways or bathrooms. Electronic skylights are particularly convenient and flexible.


Workshop community member @neeshah improved their bathroom's illumination with a skylight in her budget bathroom reno.


6. Lighten flooring


Choose lighter coloured flooring or rugs to help bounce light around the room.


In their kitchen refresh using paint and bleached flooring, community member @dorabulldog added a splash of colour to their cabinetry and lightened their flooring.


7. Add reflective surfaces


Incorporate reflective surfaces like glass tables or glossy tiles to help light travel further.


Experienced member @ProjectPete's popular laundry transformation features bright white glossy tiles.


8. Use bright lighting


Upgrade to LED lights that emit bright yet natural-looking light. Consider using daylight bulbs to mimic sunlight.


Kaboodle kitchen installation by community member @Kev was greatly enhanced by LED downlights.


9. Add secondary light sources


Place table lamps and floor lamps strategically to brighten a room and create a more inviting atmosphere.


The guide Choosing the right interior light helps simplify the selection process.


10. Trim garden foliage


Trim trees or bushes blocking your windows with a tree pruner to allow more natural light into the home.


The Bunnings team has created a step-by-step guide How to prune trees complete with video. 



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