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Classical Brick & Iron Front Fence

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Classical Brick & Iron Front Fence

Classical Brick & Iron Front Fence

Masonry & Iron FenceC.jpg

Photos are great but unfortunately they don’t give you enough information to build

The process of producing Drawing, Details, Engineering, Data & Costs from photos of completed projects, adopted by designer engineers is called Reverse Engineering (RE),

Reverse engineering is taking apart an object to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance the object.

Tips for optimizing project design & lowering costs of your RE build (Refer to above image)

  • Break up the whole project into smaller manageable sized components
  • Try duplicating or standardizing piers and infill panels In the above image there are  9 x piers, 7 x infill panels (Brick & Iron) & I x gate
  • Use a spreadsheet to calculate, update & sum building material quantities.
  • Material costs can be obtained from Bunnings Databases and material suppliers websites
  • Trade labour rates, units & times can be obtained from man-hour manuals. These can be useful in determining the amount of time the project should take.
  • Breakdown the design,engineering & work into specific trade tasks in a project management intergrated app
  • Try saving money by providing the labouring component or doing some of the work yourself, for example,  digging the footings, mixing cement, brick cleaning & moving/stacking the bricks, etc.
  • The more accurate the Details & Data the easier the build. Use good graphic design solutions to communicate…. Inaccuracies, uncertainties and mistakes, etc. will always cost you more.

If you need further info about the above, RE Apps, Details, etc. please leave a message.

Remember to always check copyright!

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Re: Classical Brick & Iron Front Fence

Love this fence! We have one like it at botanical gardens, very suitable I feel.
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Re: Classical Brick & Iron Front Fence

@ Helen the above classical prefabricated bespoke ironwork details are fantastic & timeless
They are also affordable and require a 3 month lead time to produce since all come from china
Points to consider when optimizing your design/build
1. Have the bespoke panels properly Designed, Engineered & Specified locally to meet current Aust standards & construction techniques
2. Have all the costs and data broken down as I have done above.
3. Simplify the model so everyone along the supply chain is aware of what is required
3. Purchase bricks,basic materials & hardware locally
4. On site build costs will be the biggest around
OT.. For good or bad? 
Alibaba sets up offices in Australia

 Personally I don't think Bunnings has anything to worry about :wink:



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