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Connect garden tap to washing machine

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Connect garden tap to washing machine

Hi, so I live in a small apartment with zero space for a washing machine, but tbh going to the laundromat is not working out, I hate it there.. So I want to get a washing machine and put it in my garage.

There is a tap located just outside the garage door I could use, but I just want to know if this is going to work out before I spend 2k on a washer/dryer.

The tap is a standard garden tap so I presume a hose will attach to it, idk, I have never gardened here as there is a lack of a garden to bother with. I put pics of said tap.

If this will work, I am wondering what other things I will be needing, like adaptors and such, I tried to look for youtube tutorials but I don't feel confident that I understood what they meant.

And is it okay to just have a cold water connection and leave the hot unconnected or will it not work? And when I'm not using the machine can I just disconnect the hose from the tap, as the tap is for other people too so I can't have it connected all the time.


Thanks for the help.IMG_20210509_182115_HDR.jpgIMG_20210509_182122_HDR.jpg


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Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

Yes you can connect to that tap (although it could do with a wire brushing, or replacing. They aren't expensive to buy). I recommend that you fit a two-way outlet first (eg so you don't have to keep disconnecting it to use other hoses. Modern machines heat the water to the right temperature, so it is best not to connect them to your hot water supply anyway. (The machine supplier will explain why.) Be sure to get a burst sensing hose fitting if you are likely to leave the machine unattended. If you are buying new machine, it should come with one anyway. The other thing to consider is where the machine's water outlet will go. Assuming there is no sink in the garage, you will need to provide a standpipe attached to a wall, to drop the outlet hose into and run it away to a drain. I hope that helps to add to the plan.

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Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

Hello @laura2989 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop and thank you for sharing your query with the community. Yes you can attach your washer to the tap. I've attached a sketch on how to go about it. Just a few reminders before doing this.


All fittings must be secure and firm before turning on water.

Some machines make their own hot water like LG. So choose your machine wisely.

I suggest getting a stand alone washer and dryer. Why? When one breaks down it won't take the whole unit with it. Place the dryer on top of the washer if you are tight on space. Use thick vibration pads from Bunnings to protect the washer. 

Make sure your exit hose is at the correct height or at the same height as the washing machine. This prevents auto siphoning and overheating the motor.

The water from your washer can go directly to the grass so as not to waste it.

Questions? Show the picture to the Bunnings plumbing specialist to confirm your purchase or post them here and we will try to answer as best we can. Please post your progress so that others who are in a similar situation can see what you've done.






I am a Bunnings team member. Any opinions or recommendations shared here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of Bunnings. Visit the Bunnings website for assistance from the customer service team.

Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

Welcome to the bunnings Workshop community @laura2989. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for your question.


It's great to see you've already received helpful and detailed responses from our knowledgeable members @TedBear and @redracer01.


If you combine @TedBear's suggestion of adding the two-way adaptor and @redracers01's of the snap-on connectors, you'll have yourself a very easy to use setup. It will also make sure there are no complaints about the garden tap being occupied if you provide the additional outlet.


We look forward to hearing about you successfully connecting your washing machine and doing away with the laundromat. Please let us know if you need further assistance or have questions.




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Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

@TedBear Thanks for the help. The two-way outlet is a great idea, but I need to disconnect the hose, I'm sure the other tenants wouldn't mind, but I would like to just pop the hose back in the garage and close the door, not sure the landlord would like hoses running everywhere - I'm not even sure I'm allowed to do this, so I need it to look like it's just being stored when I'm not washing anything.

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Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

@redracer01 Wow, thanks so much for the detailed picture, really appreciate it.

Yes I was looking at washer/dryer combos but have decided to go separate as I have plenty of space in the garage and the dryer performance in those seems to not be great, takes a long time to dry anything - I mostly use a clothesline anyway. I did notice some of them only have a cold water inlet so that will probably be the go here.

As for the exit hose, there's no garden anywhere near the garage, all concrete, and there's only a very small drain that's kind of raised off the ground like a dome about 10 meters away, and also no sink. So my plan was to have a 120lt wheelie bin next to the washer to drain it into, most of the machines I've looked at use between 65-75lts of water, and then wheel it to the grass at the front of the property and tip it out. Is that stupid? I know it will be heavy, but I'm a garbo so I'm used to moving heavy bins and I can pinch one from work for free, it should be tall enough so that the hose is at the height of the machine too.

I'm going to go to Bunnings this week and get all the other things in your picture and try to set it up so I can see if I'm smart enough, and then order a washer and dryer.

End goal is that after I do my washing I just disconnect the hose from the outside tap, throw that end in the garage, empty my bin of water and be on my way! No more sitting at a laundromat wasting my day off anymore, then I can waste it at my house instead, like a normal person.

Once I have it all set up (hopefully) I will post the end result.

Again, thanks for taking the time to draw me a picture, so helpful!




Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

Looks like you have a good plan to suit the circumstances.

Perhaps the garage has a roof beam nearby to tie up the machine's water outlet at the correct height so that it doesn't siphon the water out (will do that if it's upper curve hangs lower than the machine's normal water level) and you can put your big container below that to catch it.

(And if the others find out, you can always rent out machine useage to them ...   😀  or not.) 

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Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

Ahh good idea for the hose, hopefully the bin will be tall enough, but yes there is something I could tie it to 👌


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Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

All the other advice you have received is sound.  If you are able to put your wastewater on a garden or lawn in the vicinity, make sure that you use a phosphate free washing powder that won’t kill the lawn. 

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Re: Connect garden tap to washing machine

Hi I would suggest using a licensed plumber if you want it done correctly. Do not use garden hose as it could blow apart when unattended as garden hose is used for the garden this is why it is called garden hose . As for capping off the hot supply that is not in use this is not true you do not need to cap it off.

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