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DIY irrigation system

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DIY irrigation system


I've decided I'm going to install an irrigation system in my garden for this summer. I just don't have the time anymore to keep hand watering. Now I've watched quite a few clips on DIY and I think I have the idea. I just am unsure on what sprinklers or sprayers I need to use for my particular garden. I have quite a new garden but it's fairly large. There's only very little grass, but the garden beds are huge and full of plants, mostly ferns. And these garden beds also have huge tree ferns spread throughout them also. This is what is throwing me. Cause I think I should use sprayers all through, but the tree ferns are way too big for sprayers to be effective i would think? So do you think I should just use pop up sprinklers through the whole thing. or both. I'm just a bit confused and really want to get this right and only have to do it once. Please help


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Re: DIY irrigation system

Looks like a beautiful garden @lushgardener, and one that would really benefit from an automatic watering system.


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Hope that helps kick the discussion off...




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Re: DIY irrigation system

I'd get some advice from an expert in ferns, perhaps @Noelle?


I think for most plants you just want drippers as you just want to water the roots, not the plant itself - - but rainforest plants like ferns obviously love moisture in the air...


Something like this will probably be your friend -



Re: DIY irrigation system

my little basic set up, runs off a Bluetooth Holman BTX, Auto set up 3 times a week for 30 minutes. It runs around 40 fruit tree's and 2 that feed the 4 paddocks

Re: DIY irrigation system

Great set-up @TheSaltyreefer!

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Re: DIY irrigation system

Love your set up, ‘neighbours dog, but lives here 😂👍’. Love your chickens, tell us when you harvest, what weight they are 👌

Re: DIY irrigation system


Glad u like it, we do too :wink:
I recently culled 13 roosters, and a few hens, largest was around 3.8kilos they are brutes of birds :smile:
We have just pulled 22 baby Brahmas out of the incubator alittle while ago, next generation here we come :smile:


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