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Help with indoor plant

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Help with indoor plant

Hello everyone. I'm hoping someone can help identify this indoor plant I brought home from work to care for during the isolation period. It doesn't seem to be doing too well so not sure if I should water it more, or water it less. The leaves are very dry/damaged at the ends as you can see in the photos....Help gratefully received.




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Re: Help with indoor plant

Hi @AndreaNg,


Let me tag the super knowledgeable @Noelle to see if she might kindly identify your plant and suggest some care instructions for bringing it back to health.




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Re: Help with indoor plant

Hi @AndreaNg 


Your indoor plant is a maranta, which prefers warm, humid conditions.  The drying of the leaves will happen when it has been in an airconditioned environment, where generally there is little or no humidity.


Don't over-water - check the top 5cm or so of soil with your finger and if the soil feels moist, do not water.  If it feels completely dry, then water thoroughly with the pot on the sink to allow excess to drain away freely.  Keep the plant out of direct sun through glass - that will burn the leaves. 


Mist the plant with a spritz of water every few days to keep the air around the leaves moist or place a small saucer of water next to the plant so the air remains humid.


Trim off the dead leaves and parts of leaves to tidy the plant up. Keep it in a room with good ambient light and at a temperature that is also comfortable for you - don't put it in the cold bathroom or near a heater.


Every few weeks add a liquid or water soluble fertiliser for indoor plants to the watering regime to keep the plant well nourished. 


It should pick up and look a lot better in a couple of months with all this TLC so when it goes back to your workplace, everyone will be stunned by your green fingers!.

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