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Home-made plant trainer

Making a Splash

Home-made plant trainer


Purchased two Ceropegia simoneae’s last year, I’m sure it was from Bunnings. 

Gave one to my daughter. 





 Daughter has it growing really well inside her house. 


 Thought this Ceropegia ampliata that I have looked good growing on a loop.


So, decided to make a loop. Had some wire mesh that was being used for sweet peas. A length was cut off. Placed the ends between two pots. Decided this was better than pushing the wire into the soil where the plants roots are concentrated.



 Sweet peas have finished.  So cut off a length with three strands.


 Wire mesh secured between two pots.



 The middle one is slightly recessed so potting mix can cover the inside pot.



 Will get some plant clips to avoid using the clothes pegs. Thought it looks so good, did some more Ceropegia ampliata’s.


Interesting, if the Ceropegia ampliata stems touch the potting mix, they grow roots. Just right for growing into another plant. Will cut the stem later. Hope the same for the C. simoneae.




Another picture, with C. ampliata.




Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Home made plant trainer.



Nice plant trainer  i like the way you use second pot  to insert wirer trainer between this is solid  for your plant.


Cute  ideas.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Home made plant trainer.

Fantastic project @Jamespeter100! Do you think it will be difficult to propagate from the circular design? 




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Re: Home made plant trainer.

Each time the “Stem” does a loop, it can be layered onto the potting mix for roots to grow. Of course, not if it has PBR on the tag. 

Re: Home made plant trainer.

What does PBR stand for @Jamespeter100?




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Re: Home made plant trainer.


Bottom left, of a plant purchased from Bunnings.  I looked it up. Plant Breeders Rights Australia.   Someone went to a lot of cost to breed a new type of plant, and they don’t want people propagating the plant to sell in opposition to them. Don’t know how if that applies to someone who thinks the plant got cut off at the base by a wiper snippet or child, and they want to make some cuttings from the remaining plant . 


Re: Home made plant trainer.

Oh how interesting @Jamespeter100!  I would hope you could propagate for your own personal use? 




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Re: Home made plant trainer.



 Another plant frame for Ceropegia ampliata. Here I’m using peas to get a quick growing plant to cover the ball structure. I wanted some width in the pot fir stability, hence a basin. A section of a plant trainer with two larger hanging baskets joined. I’ll put four Ceropegia ampliata at the bottom. Bunnings sell the hanging baskets, the trainers that will need to be cut down along with a basin. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Home made plant trainer.

Hi @Jamespeter100 


Thank you very much for sharing your fantastic circular planter frame. Joining two hanging baskets to create a circular frame is quite clever. Can you please tell us what you used for legs to keep the frame away from the plastic basket? I'm keen to see what it will look like once the Ceropegia ampliata has crawled all over it.


Again, thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Re: Home made plant trainer.


Was seeking this plant trainer.  Picture taken at my aunt’s place. 



 the stand off is a meal plant stand.  Here without the potting mix. I try to keep the metal legs out if the damp potting mix. 


 from the side


 the Bunnings docket for the stand and basin, I purchased some other items as well.  The chain from the hanging basket goes to the outside of the basin. Drainage holes and holes to secure the chain are drilled 

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