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Wiggly pavers for sloped path in front yard

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Wiggly pavers for sloped path in front yard

Since I was procrastinating about working on my patio I decided to finally put the next stage of my path into place.


I didnt have any gravel left over this time so shaved off the top level of grass/dirt and used it on the low points. Yeah I have had grass start to grow up between some of the pavers but that can be delt with and the best bit, no slipping and no bindies!


When I have laid pavers direct on clay I have never had an issue, they stay in place and really dont wander. This is the first time I have laid pavers on a steep slope tho so shall see how it goes.


One issue I had was marrying the new path to the old path. I thought it would be no problem, just a little adjustment...  hahahahah not really so...


Wiggly Pavers (picke dthem up second hand)

Thats it...



Flat bladded shovel

Large flat bladded screwdriver

Tamp Bar


Step 1

I had two issues to accommodate.

First was the Sewage point with that huge concrete lid.

Second was marrying the top of the path into the existing path (Where I ran out of pavers) 

Thirdly I wanted to accommodate a ramp up to the first terrace where the tomatoes will be.


01 13-08-2023.jpg


Where the path will be, I figured I would have more then enough pavers 197 of them ish I think (I bought them 4 months ago)


02 13-08-2023.jpg


This is where I will have an offshoot ramp for the garden. I grow tomatoes along the Gabion wall.


03 13-08-2023.jpg


Mmmm Marrying the old path into the new one, wasnt sure to start from the top or the bottom.


04 13-08-2023.jpg


In the end I decided to work from the high side of the sewage access plug. It was something that couldn't be moved so thought that was the wisest.


05 13-08-2023.jpg


I am actually really happy with how the existing path has held up.

Step 2

Time to shave the grass out and the clay. Also time to change the width, I was going to keep the same width as the upper path but ended up with a couple of extra pavers width added to it to make it look right


06 13-08-2023.jpg


Id worked out the angle of the ramp (and since lost it) and pretty much used my eyesite to keep the slope as consistant as I could. I couldnt cut it too deep as the liquid amber trees roots would be an issue.


07 13-08-2023.jpg


Scalping the grass. It was the most uneven path I had lol What a pain in leveling it (solid clay intermixed with grass)


08 13-08-2023.jpg


Working to the curve of the concrete capping was interesting, I redid it three times as the angle wouldnt work.


09 13-08-2023.jpg


Working from the top until I realised going downhill would be an issue with slippage as I put them in place.


10 13-08-2023.jpg


So many pavers, I was burning through them incredibly fast.


11 13-08-2023.jpg


The capping works in my favour as an immovable point the bricks butt up to. 

Step 3

It was just a matter of brick after brick. It is amazing what you will do instead of stripping paint...


12 13-08-2023.jpg


The wider width path really worked nicely


13 13-08-2023.jpg


Now to merge the two angles and slopes together....


14 13-08-2023.jpg


Almost but ????'s in my mind are starting to turn up..


15 13-08-2023.jpg

Bugger... Easy Fix I told myself... Ended up redoing it three times and then there was still a bit of a gap for the merge. I decided to leave it for a month or so as there will be movement between the pavers.

16 13-08-2023.jpg


The view overall. We haven't had rain for awhile and it was feeling a little dry.


17 13-08-2023.jpg


The "Merge" It will blend I hope.


18 13-08-2023.jpg


Looks great and was beautiful to walk on. At the bottom you can see the bessa blocks are in the way.They will go eventually and the path will go to the boundary.


19 13-08-2023.jpg


This was all I had left, not enough to go to the boundary so project is on pause again until I source some wiggly pavers.

Step 4

I was really happy with having a second paved access back to the front of the house. Think its been 4-5 years since the front path was removed at the start of sewage works. 


20 13-08-2023.jpg


Pretty nice, between the gabions one day will be timber lengths to better delineate the boundary. (also to keep doggos in the yard )


21 13-08-2023.jpg


Just to show how much of the retaining wall will go.


22 13-08-2023.jpg


The difference in height between the sewer cap and the first terrace. You can see the garden bed and gabion retaining wall on the left. Once those bessa blocks go this will be a smoothish ramp.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Wiggly pavers for sloped path in front yard

Hi @Dave-1 


Thank you for sharing your progress with the Wiggly pavers. I can't believe you relayed those tiles three times. It's hard enough with ordinary pavers, but doing it with interlocking pavers is liable to test your patience. My compliments to a very well laid sloped path.


I 'm looking forward to seeing the next set being placed in. 




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Re: Wiggly pavers for sloped path in front yard

Thank you @EricL 

I like tetris :smile: and really it felt like playing a big game of it. 

Whenever I have a job that is going to be outside my normal level of knowledge (as in paving a slope) I find it sits in the "wait pile of jobs" until I bite the bullet and start it. This time around the slope was the easier job compared to stripping paint lol 



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