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How do you trellis your tomatoes?

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How do you trellis your tomatoes?

I thought it might be interesting to have a discussion about different approaches to trellising. I've tried a bunch of ways over the years, some more helpful than others, some more expensive than others. This is what I've gone with currently.


It started out like this in October...



As the tomatoes were beginning to finish in February it looked like this...



Now I'm growing snow peas up it ...



The snow peas didn't manage to make the jump up to the first rung on their own so today I tried running some twine up from the base of the plant to the rungs. We'll see how that goes ...



What's everyone else doing?

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Re: How do you trellis?

Haven't done it but I like this idea:


Lash 8-foot bamboo poles together to form upside down “V”s, run a horizontal pole (or poles) along the tops, then attach short wooden stakes on each side to anchor the sections in the ground. Tie long lengths of weatherproof garden twine along the top pole; each one will then be tied loosely around the stem of a tomato plant and wrapped around it for support as it grows



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Re: How do you trellis?

Just thought I would revive this thread given that it has had a lot of views and it is tomato planting season. 


It would be great if others could share their trellis techniques.



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