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How to make plantable seed paper

Kind of a Big Deal

How to make plantable seed paper

Good morning Workshop Community Friends ! Hope you are all well and enjoying your hands on projects at home.  If you love to garden and want to be more Sustainable and reduce your waste, you might want to try this simple and very easy method for sharing your various Seeds that you can harvest from your own garden. Not only that, you can also reduce your paper waste and recycle it, making something beautiful to share with your family and friends. 


Old scrap paper ( NOT glossy paper ) 

Old Egg Carton 

Stick Blender or a regular blender 

Hot water

Tall jar / container 

Strainer kitchen 

Splatter Screen



Old towels 


Kitchen Scraper



Step 1



For this project and I will continue to do it the same way as it was easy to work with.

I recycled a large coffee jar which the stick blender can fit into.

I filled the jar up appropriately 3/4 full with a mixture of old white printed paper and an egg carton.

Please note : do not use glossy paper paper like magazines or catalogues. Only use paper, newspaper, cardboard.

Tear it up into smaller pieces and place in the jar.


Add hot water to cover the paper. let it soak for about an hour so it’s nice and soft to blend. Please be careful when using hot water. You can certainly use cool water if you want to. 

When the paper is soaked you can start blending it. You will need to add a bit more water as needed throughout the blending process. I used a kitchen scraper to scrape down the sides of the jar so the paper is completely mixed in.


You don’t want it too sloppy, a bit like runny porridge lol. 

Straight away you will notice a colour change with your pulp mixture. Mine took on the natural colour of the egg carton which is perfect as I wanted more of a natural colour to trial it. 

When I make my next batch and yes I am definitely making more as I find it very relaxing lol I will be introducing natural food colours like beetroot, coffee, turmeric, brown onion skins. 

How good would it be to use shredded paper from your workplace, reduce waste and put it back into the earth to compost down. Think Sustainability at work and home.

Step 2



Now that you have your pulp mixture ready, set aside and go outside to collect your seeds. 

If you don’t have any to collect, all good don’t stress, just purchase seeds of your choice. 

If you are in WA and you love the Pink and White Everlastings , how great would it be to turn them into plantable seed papers. 
I grow heaps of Basil in our Garden mainly to provide plenty of Nectar for the foraging Bees , Native Bees and the Beneficial Insects. Basil flowers for several months so it is a great way to attract Pollinators into your garden. 

Now as we head into Winter my Sweet Basil and Thai Basil is still growing but starting to go off with the cold nights, so I want to save the seeds and share them for Spring planting. 

I cut off the stalks and pulled off the old flowers and seeds in the dry husks. Rub them between my hands to release the tiny black seeds. I used a colander inside a bowl to catch the seeds. I didn’t discard the husks as there are still seeds sitting in them, they were used as well. 

Step 3



Back inside now with my seed harvest. I added seeds and husks to the pulp in a bowl and mixed thoroughly by hand. Do NOT add seeds when blending they will be damaged. 

Also , don’t overload with too much seeds, try and think about when the seed papers are planted and germinate, you don’t want them overcrowded. 

Step 4



Now to start making your paper. 

I found using a splatter screen very strong and sturdy. You could certainly make one using an old photo frame, glass and backing removed and a piece of steel mesh attached using a staple gun. I’ll leave that up to you. 

I divided the pulp mixture in half. Place the screen over a bowl to catch the excess water. 

I found the easiest way to spread the pulp out is to use your hands. Working carefully as the pulp needs to be spread out evenly. I used to palm of my hand to press it down. 

Please note : The way I have made my seed paper is probably the thickness of a finer cardboard , actually pretty much like the egg cartons. I’m very happy with that. The pieces look like crackers. All good. You can make it into a thinner version but the technique will be different. This is a very easy way, especially for beginners. 

Step 5



Once you have spread your pulp mixture out and happy with the thickness, get a sponge and start pressing it onto the paper to absorb excess moisture.

I used an old towel folded a few times with an old pillowcase. You can use a tea towel too. But you really need a bath towel mainly as you will be removing more moisture.

Carefully flip your paper onto one side of the towel and fold the towel over to cover it. Place it on the floor and now for a bit of a workout…… start stomping on it, your body weight will remove even more moisture lol. Stomping on it for a few minutes. Then carefully lift the folded towel and check your paper. Cover again, stomp and you should be good.  

Step 6



After the workout , carefully remove your paper and take it outside undercover I a protected area, place it on laying down flat on the table sitting , raised off the table so it will have airflow all around it. 

I was not confident to hang up on the washing line incase the paper tore. 

Depending what the weather is like when you make your paper, it may take up to 48 hours to dry completely. Now remember my paper is slightly thicker so it could take longer. Because we got rain, I bought the paper back inside and placed it on a wire cake rack thing and put it in the oven on the lowest temperature setting and door wide open on the top rack. Dried it off completely in approximately 15 minutes . Kept close by to keep an eye on it. All good. 

Step 7



Just showing you how the texture from the pillowcase and towel embossed onto the paper with a pattern which I love because again it’s a one of kind piece of seed paper. Even that gives me ideas for homemade paper embossing lol.  

Step 8





Completely dried out now, I broke my Plantable Seed Paper into crackers lol. I wanted to keep it natural and you can see the torn frayed edges. I’m going to give these away. 

Step 9



Step 10




Placed in brown paper bags ready to be gifted. 

With this technique you can make personalised Place Cards for Weddings and events. Hanging ornaments, shaping the pulp. You can also make Seed Balls which are brilliant and random. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this Sustainable Project and will be making more. 

This will help reduce paper waste and keep it from going into landfill. It’s certainly a good way to recycle paper waste at home and at work. Happy Seed Saving everyone and Happy Gardening. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: How to make plantable seed paper

Hi @mich1972,


What a wonderful, sustainable gift idea! I absolutely love this. Haha I also love the added bonus of a workout. How do you make the paper thinner? Are there any flower husks you wouldn't suggest adding in, or are they all okay? I cannot wait to see how you emboss your future seeded cards.




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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to make plantable seed paper

Thank you Katie and stay tuned my friend. 😂 

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to make plantable seed paper

Well it’s been an interesting experiment and definitely takes practice !!! 
The first way I made the Seed Paper was easy and great for a beginner like me. 
Today I had a practice run with a large bucket, more pulp and a different technique. 
The results are in and geez it was harder than expected BUT I won’t let that put me off trying again. 
It’s certainly a good learning experience and it did not cost me anything , so nothing to lose. 

This time I wanted to try and make a thinner paper. 

YES it worked if it was only paper, no seeds added.
NO the dried flowers, husks still holding seeds didn’t press in at the paper is so thin. 


YES for the tiny black seeds that did press in. 

YES the embossing worked well using rough side of paper towels. 

NO the beetroot colour did not work. Probably not enough for the amount of water. 
NO the coffee did not work. Again, probably not strong enough. 

YES the Tumeric worked and very dominant colour. 

NO the brown Onion skins did not work due to not enough. I did cut up finely the papery skins to add some texture. 

Making the finer paper you definitely need a larger amount of water and pulp in a larger wide bucket as you need to dip the screen in and out a few times to spread the pulpy liquid evenly which was quite tricky. 
It was harder to peel paper off the towels being so thin it was tearing. 

Anyway regardless of how it went, it’s a good learning process and it definitely takes practice. 
These won’t got to waste, I will plant them out in Spring. I will upload a couple of pictures Katie. 

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to make plantable seed paper




Re: How to make plantable seed paper



Completely dry now. They look like giant papadums with bits on them 😆😆 not fancy pants, they will still grow and waste paper recycled, can’t complain 🌿😄💦

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to make plantable seed paper

Hi @mich1972 


That's such a wonderful project and the best part of course is that it's made from recycled paper. This is definitely going into my bookmarks. However, now that you've mentioned papadums, I'm going for a snack.


Thanks for sharing this fantastic project.




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Becoming a Leader

Re: How to make plantable seed paper

Love this project @mich1972 we have done this sort of thing at our place in the past. Just one thing to note for you and those that try this project. A cautionary note - make sure you are only using seeds from plants that are not weedy (declared or environmental) - you don't want to be sending weeds around the place. There are some plants that might not be weedy where you live but may be somewhere else. The ones you have in your example are fine of course. 

Thanks for sharing. 

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to make plantable seed paper

Morning @EricL  🤣🤣🤣 still cracks me up mate. Thank you. I found the whole process fun and interesting. But best of all is recycling old scraps of paper and cardboard. I’ll keep on with it 😊

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to make plantable seed paper

Morning @robchin  Absolutely agree with you on this. Thanks again. How’s your Garden going ? 🌿😃

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