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How to support banana tree?

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How to support banana tree?

Hello Members


Wondering on ways to upstraight Banana tree, from falling when the fruits grow and the weight pulls down the stem. I tried using Timer to support it from falling. It is not effective.





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Re: Uplift Banana Tree

Hi @nagumuthu 


Did you try cutting a V into the timber end to help support the stem?  You may need to come from 2 or 3 angles on same stem to stop the wind  I might also use  a strap to flip over the stem enclosing the stem so if the wind moves things post dosent fall down.

Re: Uplift Banana Tree

Hello @Jewelleryrescue 


Thanks for your reply.


Purchased and fixed for supporting Banana Tree.


1. The hardthing is to drive any timber to ground. If the top is hitten hard with hammer, it chips off. I can say, it went in to the ground around a feet, the max.

2. Tied Strap ( and tightened it around the banana tree and the timber. It does not help either. Banana tree continues to sag after above attempts.


Cuting V in Timber should be from a different Timber. Isnt. Can you please share on what timber should I purchase.



Re: Uplift Banana Tree

Hi @nagumuthu 

You  allready own stakes use them  the V notched timber can be any  scrape timber as it is  a temporary prop


As you already own the stakes use them by tying a pair of them together  tightly near the top you can then open the bottom of the stakes to make an x shape use the X shaped stakes to lift up the stem ( Stem sits in between the two stakes at the top) up a more upright position. The weight of the  stem and bananas should hold it in place.  No need to drive stakes into  earth.


Plan B could have a rope around the stem and it is pulled up towards being upright and tied to a stake in the ground on the other side.  


Failing  this simply google propping up bananas and seeing  videos that my be of assistance.


I hope you solve your problem soon.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Uplift Banana Tree

Hello @nagumuthu


It's great that you've received good advice from @Jewelleryrescue. It seems that you have a great number of banana trees in a very compact area. The hardwood stakes you've chosen will not provide a great deal of support as your trees are quite tall. Once you've driven the stakes into the ground you'll roughly have around 1.2 meters of the post above the ground.


I propose using a timber teepee support, this will allow you to support multiple trees even while they have bananas growing on them. I suggest using 90x45 H3 treated framing timber to build the teepee frame. The best part is that you won't need to anchor this into the ground as the straps holding the banana trees will also hold the teepee in place.


I've placed a sample image below to give you an idea of how to build the teepee. The cross braces must be screwed in very well as they will be holding the majority of the weight of the banana tree and the bananas themselves. 


If you need further assistance, please let us know.





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