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How to use the Elho self watering plant pot?

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How to use the Elho self watering plant pot?

Hello Everyone,


I just got a couple of Elho 49cm Black Greenville Self Watering Plant Pot as gifts.  

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 13.44.57.png






As I have not used this type of pot before, I wonder if anyone could give me some advice regarding the below issues.


  • How much water do I need to refill for each watering? When filling water in the tank on the bottom, the soil above begins absorbing a certain amount. I wonder when it is enough to stop filling. Do I need to stop until the soil stops absorbing and the water starts overflowing the tank? I guess it feels like the plant has enough water at that moment and enough extra water is stored in the tank.
  • When is the proper time to refill the tank? Do I wait until when both the tank is empty and the top layer of soil is dry? In this case, I think the plant needs a drink and no extra water is accessible in the tank.
  • If water is stored in the bottom tank, would it be a problem of causing fungus gnats or root rot?

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers his/her idea.


Kind regards,


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to use the Elho self watering plant pot?

Hello @VincentCCS 


The general function of the self-watering pot is to provide water when the plants roots get to it. Depending on the type of plant you put in. When you water the plant, and you have well-draining soil.  The water will gather in the catch plate at the bottom. The plants roots will detect this water and they will grow appropriately.


The catch plate at the bottom has a water overflow point so it's not possible to add too much water in the catch plate. The catch plate is separate from the soil container so your soil will not get wet feet syndrome. It's not necessary to fill the catch plate as it will gather the water you use at the top of the pot.  


I suggest having a look at these discussions - How does the Moda Self Watering Planter work? by @AllisonP, How do self-watering pots work? by @scottie and How to use self watering planters by @Jubes.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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