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Lime Tree Help


Lime Tree Help

Hey everyone! 

I'm looking for some help with my lime tree

 We planted it in a garden a couple of months ago, however the new growth leaves are curling and dying and have a waxy appearance and feel. The leaves that were on it when we first purchased it still look ok. 


 I am not too sure what is happening. It is in a sunny place so getting lots of sun. Any help would be much appreciated 


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Lime Tree Help

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @NewAussie. It's amazing to have you join us and many thanks for your question.

There are a couple of possibilities as to what is causing the leaf curl. It appears to be either a fungal disease or an insect attack. I'm leaning towards a fungal disease which can be treated with Multicrop 30g Kocide Blue Extra Fungicide.


Alternatively, it could be citrus leaf miner, a tiny burrowing mite with the distinctive trait of causing silvery trails and twisted leaves. However, I do not see the distinctive silvery trails in your image. The infestation is found on fresh new leaves, which does appear to be the case here. Other insects which cause similar damage include scale, mealybug, mites or aphids. Spray the recent growth once a fortnight with Eco oil until the leaves have matured and turned a dark green colour. I will also encourage you to apply Scotts Osmocote 500g Citrus & Fruit Controlled Release Fertiliser if you haven't fertilised already. A well-nourished plant will happily bounce back from these insect attacks.


You should find this guide useful: Growing Citrus Plants.


Let me mention the knowledgeable @mich1972@Adam_W and @Noelle to see they would like to share their thoughts.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or had questions.




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Re: Lime Tree Help

Hi @NewAussie 

I'm inclined to agree with @MitchellMc  regarding pests and possible diseases.  The tree also looks like it might be suffering a bit of sun/heat over-exposure. Make sure you keep the water up to it and check the mulch in not right up against the main stem as that could cause rotting to occur.

On very hot days, a beach umbrella or shade cloth gazebo to give it some sun protection may be helpful.

Citrus are best planted out in autumn or spring, so they have time to establish before being exposed to extreme weather.


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