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Plants for new front garden

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Plants for new front garden

We have built two retaining walls in our front garden.  We live in the Newcastle area and the garden faces primarily south west. So we get little morning sun but lots of afternoon sun

i am keen to have a garden with lots of colour eg cottage garden but want some structure to the garden. I only want the plants along the back wall to grow to approx 1m. I am looking for a white, pink, purple theme. Which may include azaleas 

the area is approximately 1:8m deep and 7 metres long

can I get some suggestions for plants where I could have perhaps three rows of each with some area for bulbs amongst the plants

thank you in advance

i have posted a picture that may help 



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Community Manager

Re: Plants for new front garden

Thanks for sharing a photo and detail about your new front garden @Inspirejp. Great to have a blank canvas to work from! I'm sure Workshop members would love to provide some suggestions for you. Let me tag the wonderful @Noelle who might like to start the discussion with some of her favourite plants for a cottage garden in your chosen colour scheme. 


Welcome to the community. We're really looking forward to seeing your new garden come to life. 




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Re: Plants for new front garden

May not cottage style but my favorite is to have roses at the front yard :smile:
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Re: Plants for new front garden

Hi @Inspirejp 

Before planting anything, I suggest you improve the existing soil by adding good quality loam and compost and working them in thoroughly.

Given your location and climate, if you are interested in azaleas, I'd suggest you look the Encore Azaleas, which are heat tolerant, fairly drought hardy when established and do well in full sun. There are several varieties available in your preferred colours.

Other plants to consider are hebes, lavenders, salvias, coastal rosemary (westringia), which are all suitable for the cottage garden look. There are many different varieties of all of these and they all take well to pruning or clipping to keep them neat.

Groundcover roses should also do reasonably well.

The best advice we can give you is to look around at the plants growing in other gardens in your neighbourhood, to gauge what grows well in your climate.


Re: Plants for new front garden

thank you for your suggestion but I have a rose garden out the back and even though I love roses probably won't add them into this garden

Re: Plants for new front garden

Thank you so much for these suggestions. I intended to improve the soil before planting. Some of your suggestions I have already looked up but this confirms the sunny position.


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