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Plants for profit

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Plants for profit

Hey lovely forum people,

I'm having so much fun propagating plants and I've always got at least 10 on the go. Obviously I have no need for 7x5 various shrubs but I thought with Christmas coming up they would make nice gifts.
After Christmas I thought I might start selling them at the markets.

I starting propagating my own for two reasons. First and for most was basic economics. I could either spend $40 on one hydrangea or I could spend very little on supplies that would enable me to grow many. And the other motivating thing was the experience it would give me.

I want for everyone to be able to own plants, so I want to sell them to be affordable.

Does anyone have any experience selling plants? I'd love to have someone run through the experience they had.
I'd also love everyone to suggest the best plants for me to sell. Either in relation to profit and effort or is there a plant that you always have to look out for at markets
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Re: Plants for profit

I've never sold plants but I love sharing plants with others. My mum is also a great source of cuttings. It's fantastic to be able to share plants and can be a real money saver. I particularly like propagating succulents at the moment - I have little dishes everywhere!

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Re: Plants for profit


I've tried selling a few plants online through Gumtree (as its a local online market and you don't have to outlay for a stall) and people seem to want soft leaf Agaves and various forms of dieffenbachias or yuccas. There has also been a resurgence in the popularity of true geraniums.

When selling them I would make sure the buyer brings their own pots as the cost of pots can add up very quickly.

Have fun!


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