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Raising the edge and covering a manhole/access drain to level garden soil

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Raising the edge and covering a manhole/access drain to level garden soil

Hello! Thank you in advance for any help/advice!


We recently moved home, and in our new garden we have a manhole/access hole, which sits around 20cm lower than the level of the backdoor/house. Due to water damage/erosion as well, this side of the garden is lower then the other side. We are hoping to find a way to create a box/frame and a lid to allow us to raise the level of soil around the manhole, whilst also making a lid so its a bit safer to walk around for our pets (currently have a cage/cover over it to stop them getting near it) and so it can still be accessed if the council needs to. In the photo below, you can see the level of soil needs to be at the level of the top sleeper of the retaining wall under the fence, so 20cm ish higher. 


Has anyone had to deal with something like this before? Any advice on how we could go about it would be amazing! Thanks so much :smile: Lauren



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Raising the edge and covering a manhole/access drain to level garden soil

Hello @LaurenAlicia


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about raising the edge and covering a manhole/access drain to the level of the garden soil.


I recommend using Brighton Masonry 200 x 100 x 50mm Cream Mypave Paver around the drain. I suggest placing the pavers around the drain so that you can determine the number you will be needing. Once you have the pavers in position, I suggest gluing them together with Selleys 415g Liquid Nails Landscape Stone Concrete Adhesive


If you need more height, you can add another layer of pavers on top. To cover the top of the drain, I suggest using SpecRite 90 x 19mm 5.7m Pre-Oiled Merbau FJ Decking. Cut the decking panel to the size of the opening and join them together to make a cover. Please keep us updated, we look forward to seeing the drain fixed and covered.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.





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