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Shelving system for orchids

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Shelving system for orchids

Shelving system - Rake It - sold by Bunnings. I am using them for my pots of orchids.





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Re: Shelving system for orchids

Looks like you have a lot of lovely orchids!
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Re: Shelving system for orchids

Hi great shelves, and variety of uses. I bought from the same shelving system from Bunnings last week (minus the sausage 🙁). I’m using them for stage in my gardening shed. Great plants btw love to see some in flower 👍
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Re: Shelving system for orchids

Has anyone used these shelves outside? When I saw this post, I was very excited and started putting together a list of what materials I would need to build shelves for my orchids but am now wondering, will these shelves rust? (As they will be outside and subject to the rain and sun).

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Shelving system for orchids

Hi @Rach23,


Let me mention @jho to see if they can provide some feedback on the use of Rack It outside or in the presence of moisture from watering their orchids.


Although the product is coated, you'll find that water will eventually find its way to the internal steel and begin the rusting process. It might take years before you see any signs of rust, but as this is a product designed to hold up to 1000kg per shelf, certain recommendations need to be made. 


Here's an excerpt from the Rack It website on the use of their products externally:


"Even though Rack It is manufactured from high quality steel with a durable powder coated finish, it is not recommended for outdoor use. When exposed to outdoor or marine environments, powder coatings can resist corrosion, abrasion and chemicals – but only up to a certain threshold."


Please let me know if you need further assistance or have questions.




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