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Transformed plastic garden planters

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Transformed plastic garden planters

$7 plastic planters from Bunnings.

PVA glue also from Bunnings and leftover paint.

Have been experimenting with crackle painting using glue..lots of videos on Web.. 

Prime pots after a sanding to make paint stick..apply undercoat then glue then topcoat...contrasting colours work best...

and watch the magic happen.

Have applied a topcoat of clear varnish to some of the pots.

Have also tried on kitchen benchtop but that's for another post!




 $7 pot


with this pot just used glue and topcoat black plastic showing through




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Transformed plastic garden planters

What a wonderful effect you've achieved there, @Carmel1955. You must be pleased with the results! 


I'm a particular fan of the finish you've achieved on your benchtop and will be looking forward to your post. I've used crackle effect paints in the past but have never achieved something as dramatic as that.


I'm really keen to know more about the process. Were they water-based undercoats and topcoats that you painted the pots with? Do you need to allow the undercoat and PVA to dry fully before applying the topcoat?


Many thanks for sharing this unique project.




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Re: Transformed plastic garden planters

hi Mitchell..all water based paints and on the black and white pot just sanded the plastic and applied glue then white paint..let dry. They are all standing up pretty well and not peeling but mostly under cover.

experiment with the glue drying time still needs to be tacky when top coat applied..found I could paint over within 5 mins or so... all in one direction and not too much going back over sections ..the more glue in sections the bigger the cracks apparently...

with the benchtop did quiet a few timber samples to make sure it would work first! there are lots of videos on Web and becomes quiet obsessive..lucky the cat got out of the way otherwise it might have been "crackled" too! 

Will try and post my benchtop iterations shortly. cheers

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Transformed plastic garden planters

Hi @Carmel1955 


Thank you very much for that added information about your garden planters. Let me tag @MitchellMc to make sure he sees your explanation of the painting process. Your benchtop looks very intriguing, and I can't wait to see your post on this project. 


We look forward to your next update.




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Re: Transformed plastic garden planters

... that's a definite for my ever-growing bucket list!

Thanks 👍🏻👏

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