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Use Gumtree to network, get freebies and make new friends into the bargain.

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Use Gumtree to network, get freebies and make new friends into the bargain.

I am a great fan of Gumtree and over the years I have obtained the following items for FREE :


  • 9 bookshelves to store all my homemade pickles, chutney, jars & preserving equipment etc.
  • rocks for the garden
  • tiered plant stand
  • plastic pots for my seedlings
  • terracotta and glazed pots
  • plants for the garden
  • baskets for my homemade gift hampers
  • jars and bottles for my homemade pickles, sauces, jams and chutney etc
  • cake pop maker (new in box)
  • cat house


Gumtree has given me the opportunity to meet at least 6 people through Gumtree who I now see on a regular basis as they give me things I need for all my gardening and preserving.

Just this past week, I gave one of them some seedlings (and a jar of pickled cucumbers) in exchange for some plastic pots and she came back a few days later with a small greenhouse and a dozen eggs from her own chickens for me.

Another lady brought me some more plastic pots and lemons in exchange for some seedlings and today she came back with 10 lots of different seeds that she imported from Japan. She also said that her parents have a farm and she will bring me some aged chicken manure.

Another lady brought yet more plastic pots in exchange for some seedlings and I threw in some fresh parsley and snow peas and she said she will bring me some jars and baskets next week. 


I strongly believe in the concept of "paying it forward" and I think that these ladies have turned out to be very generous towards me because they appreciated how generous I was with them. Win-win all around.


They all got the grand tour of my garden and one of them is now so inspired she searched for and found a worm farm and a compost bin, you guessed it - on Gumtree.


I have now made some new friends and found a reliable source for pots, jars and baskets etc.

Yet another advantage is recycling items that otherwise would end up in landfill.


Long Live Gumtree !!

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Re: Use Gumtree to network, get freebies and make new friends into the bargain.

Totally agree @Annette, the few times that we've bought on Gumtree, we've lucked on increditbe quality items at bargain prices, & without fail, the sellers were absolutely lovely/generous/lovely/lovely people.


My true regret, is that in our decision making process, I've been told that passing things on via Gumtree, is NOT ON:frustrated:


The best case is to give stuff to people that we love, & they've done well, but Gumtree could bring a broader audience for my inherited giving nature.


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Re: Use Gumtree to network, get freebies and make new friends into the bargain.

In my first post on the topic of Gumtree I mentioned a lady who kindly gave me some seeds from Japan. We have now met twice and have had several phone conversations and I think I have found a kindred spirit. She called today and asked if I would like to give her some strawberry plants in exhchange for a worm farm which I immediately agreed to. She had obtained 3 worm farms through Gumtree from the same gentleman for a bargain basement price. So after tomorrow, we will have 3 worm farms on the go. As well as giving her the strawberry plants I will also be throwing in several gardening items that are surplus to our needs.


Another side benefit is that her husband who has previously been uninterested in gardening is now showing signs of interest by helping her with different garden projects, asking her questions, telling her about patches of dill that he noticed growing by the roadside whilst travelling for work and collecting her Gumtree bargains - another convert perhaps? 


She also said that her sister would now like to meet me and become part of our little network - a network that is slowly growing and showing many benefits to all concerned. We have not only swapped produce, seeds and garden items but also inspiration, ideas, recipes, stories and laughs. 


Who would have thought that all these benefits would result from a simple little ad on Gumtree asking for unwanted plastic garden pots.


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