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Vegepod harvest comparison

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Vegepod harvest comparison

I've previously shared that I got a Vegepod back in October. I had been keen on getting one for a while as I thought the cover would help keep out pests. We've had problems before with garden visitors eating our crops in the past - probably rodents. I also thought the cover would be handy for protecting the plants in the summer and the self-watering system good for someone who can be a little forgetful like me.


What I didn't expect was how much faster everything grows in the Vegepod compared to the bare earth. We've already had a big harvest of cos lettuce - they grew from seedlings in around a month. Then we planted some cucumber seedlings in both the Vegepod and some nearby soil. The soil in the ground should be just as good as the Vegepod, but check out the difference below.


Here's a shot of the cucumber plant in the ground - still very small and no fruit:






As a comparison, here's some shots of the plants in the Vegepod - it's gone crazy and we've already had two huge cucumbers to eat. 








I'm keen to see what other Workshop members have been growing recently, especially @GDLT. Don't be shy!




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