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Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

Finding My Feet

Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

Hey team

I planted few giant birds of paradise into a mix of my own compost, planting mic and garden soil in garden beds. Leaves have turned yellow/ dry. Is it because too much / not enough water? Same for fertiliser?

Share some tips with me.please. I'm lost



Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

Hi @flolemens 


I am sorry i dont know  whats wrong  with you giant birds of paradise. I loved their flowers etc.  

  But  Looking at you  garden  pot please be aware these plants grow   massive and if left to them selves will grow into massive clumps and displace fences and brick work and pots and take a huge amount of  work to dig them out.


Your  Potting system  may protect you or at least make it easy to move them.  :smile:  


From my list of  failed plant projects.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

Hi @flolemens,


It appears your plant is getting an adequate amount of light, so I'd suggest the yellowing leaves are due to the soil being too wet or dry. What's the weather been like near you? What's your watering regime like, and do these planters have good drainage? Birds of paradise don't like the soil too dry or too wet. So, I'd suggest watering only when the top soil layers begin to dry out. Or, if the soil is drying out too quickly, you can add some mulch to retain moisture, but be careful not to place it up against the stems.


I'm keen to hear more and assist further. Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

Hi Mitchell,

Yes, they have good light exposure. We had heaps of water in the last two days (80mm in 2 days), so we did not water. I do not think it was too dry before. I plan to water once to two a week and check it's not too much. it can also mean that it focuses energy on the rhizomes in the ground, there is already tiny growth.

I will add some mulch (not too close to the stems) to retain humidity.

For the drainage, it's garden beds so there are no holes except between the planks. Should I drill a hole in the bottom? 

Re: Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

What are the garden beds sitting on @flolemens? If it's compacted ground, then it would be a good idea to add some drainage holes. The water needs to be able to freely drain out, and if the gaps between the planks aren't large enough the bed will retain too much water.




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Getting Established

Re: Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

Thank your lucky stars that they haven't taken. Bird of Paradise plants (Strelitzas) are invasive and difficult to get rid of. Sorry I can't answer your question but my answer may save you future problems. I've still got problems with the giant variety which have heaved up a wall and my driveway and despite being cut down are shooting at an alarming rate.

Re: Yellow giant bird of paradise leaves

Hi @CliveV 


I hear you I learnt the hard way


C-4  is in aisle 18 Bunnings


Or gardening  Fertilaiser.   (Furphy)


Or drill big 13mm  hole into plant like a well and fill with poison  for starters.

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