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How to build a garden tool storage rack

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Difficulty: Beginner

Organise all your garden tools and bring some rustic charm to your garden, garage or shed with this wall-mounted garden tool storage rack.


It’s very easy to make and low cost as you'll be using a recycled timber pallet. 


Step 1

Take your full-sized timber pallet and remove one-quarter of it by cutting through the three runners.


1.1 Location to cut pallet.jpg1.2 Pallet cut.jpg1.3 Pallet cut-to-size..jpg

Step 2

Create a whitewash by mixing an equal part of water with your paint. (For example, if you have a 250ml container of paint, add 250ml of water.)


Liberally apply the paint wash to the bottom of the pallet. Paint the coat rack as well.


2.1 Whitewashing the timber..jpg2.2 Whitewashing the coat rack..jpg  2.3 Pallet painted..jpg

Step 3

Remove one of the boards from the section you cut off the full-sized pallet ealier. We will use this as a baseboard. Adding this board creates bottom shelves which can hold oddly shaped tools and products.


Measure the board to the width of your pallet and mark a line. Cut the board to length with a circular saw.


Pre-drill holes through the board that match up with the three pallet runner ends. Screw the board into the pallet's runners with 40mm screws.


Touch up the exposed board edge with paint.


3.1 Board removed from quarter pallet.jpg3.2 Baseboard placed in position..jpg3.3 Cutting baseboard to length..jpg3.4 Pre-drilling baseboard..jpg3.5 Fixing baseboard to pallet..jpg3.6 Touching up baseboard edge..jpg

Step 4

Once the paint has dried, distress the paint finish by partially sanding through it to expose the underlying timber. Concentrate on areas such as corners that are likely to have been worn during use.            


4.1 Distressing paint with sander..jpg4.2 Distressed paint finish..jpg

Step 5

Attach the coat rack to a location where you would like to hang your tools with the provided screws. I've chosen the top right-hand corner.


Now screw through your pegs into the pallet with your 40mm screws. I've chosen the top-left corner and have used steel pegs, but timber or plastic would also work.


Take your U-shaped brackets and attach them to the pallet's bottom edge, just above the previously installed baseboard with the 40mm screws. Install your hose hanger in the middle of the bottom board with the same screws.


5.1 Attaching coat rack..jpg5.2 Attaching pegs..jpg5.3 Attaching bracket hangers..jpg5.4 Attaching hose hanger..jpg

Step 6

Drill two holes in the pallet's bottom board with the 12mm drill-bit on the opposite side to your U-shaped brackets. Place your rolls of twine within the shelf and feed them through the 12mm holes for ease of dispensing. Hang your tools in your desired locations.


You've now completed your very own rustic style garden tool rack. Not only does this unit look fantastic, but it provides a convenient storage location for all those gardening accessories.


6.1 Drilling holes for string..jpg6.2 Placing string in shelf..jpg6.3 Hanging items..jpg6.4 Hanging tools..jpg6.5 Finished..jpg



  •         Timber pallet
  •         Packet of 8G x 40mm Treated Pine screws
  •         Small container of white exterior paint
  •         Timber coat rack
  •         120 grit sandpaper
  •         Pegs
  •         U-shaped tool brackets


  •         Drill driver
  •         12mm drill bit
  •        Circular saw or handsaw
  •         Sander


1.1 Location to cut pallet.jpg

1.2 Pallet cut.jpg

1.3 Pallet cut-to-size..jpg

2.1 Whitewashing the timber..jpg

2.2 Whitewashing the coat rack..jpg

2.3 Pallet painted..jpg

3.1 Board removed from quarter pallet.jpg

3.2 Baseboard placed in position..jpg

3.3 Cutting baseboard to length..jpg

3.4 Pre-drilling baseboard..jpg

3.5 Fixing baseboard to pallet..jpg

3.6 Touching up baseboard edge..jpg

4.1 Distressing paint with sander..jpg

4.2 Distressed paint finish..jpg

5.1 Attaching coat rack..jpg

5.2 Attaching pegs..jpg

5.3 Attaching bracket hangers..jpg

5.4 Attaching hose hanger..jpg

6.1 Drilling holes for string..jpg

6.2 Placing string in shelf..jpg

6.3 Hanging items..jpg

6.4 Hanging tools..jpg

6.5 Finished..jpg

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Cultivating a Following

We had a go at this on the Easter week end. It’s slightly different with a lid on the top and slimmer, we had fun and it functions well. Also painted it woodland grey as this is what we had left over in the shed from the fences. 


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, @cmstar.


I like that you've put your own spin on @MitchellMc's tool storage rack. What a great project for the long weekend.


Thanks for sharing this and we look forward to seeing more of your handiwork around the house and garden.




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

I absolutely love it @cmstar! That lidded portion is just the icing on the cake for me.


Many thanks for sharing your awesome results, as I trust they will encourage others to give the project a go.


Fantastic work.




Building a Reputation

Wow!! What a clever idea. Will be having a go at doing this or something similar very soon. 

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