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Tasmanian Oak feature wall

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Tasmanian Oak feature wall

Tasmanian oak feature wall behind tv. This wall was very bare and thought it needed something. As I take this photo now, I question why the TV isn't in the centre and I began where I did (tv was already on the wall). My walls are Masonite and you can see the joins, so I remember now that I just began at that join not even thinking the TV isn't centred. Oh well. The TV is always angled anyway to where we sit.


This wall became quite expensive as I never intended to do the whole wall...but just kept going cos I didn't like it in a small section.


Note some pieces are bowed so not all gaps look the same.


- Also added the piece of wood in the empty space of the cabinet.

- Painted the brass handles black with spray paint.

- Painted the walnut coloured cabinet top with door trim white paint.


Tasmanian oak 40mm


Nail gun

Mitre saw


Step 1

Worked out how long I wanted the oak on the wall. I left a gap at the top and bottom. This allowed for me to put a piece on wood lengthways on the skirting that I could rest the oak on then will all begin from the same height.

Step 2

Cut all oak pieces to the same length, as they do come all slightly different. 

Step 3

Light sand. 2 coats of clear satin varnish.

Step 4

Nailed to wall using nail gun where there are studs. 

Step 5

Spaced by the thickness of the wood.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Feature wall

What a lovely addition to your living room @AnitaP. It certainly adds plenty of warmth and character to the space and you've done a splendid job. I particularly like the additional timber in the cabinet, as just that little touch helps tie everything together.


Many thanks for sharing, and well done!




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