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How to build a simple planter box

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Difficulty: Beginner


Grow herbs, vegetables or your favourite ornamental plants in this simple yet stylish planter box.


The planter can be built using hand tools, and doesn’t require many different materials. Following the guide should help to improve your measuring and cutting skills, giving you confidence to tackle more advanced D.I.Y. projects.



Step 1

Measure and cut all the 70 x 35mm timber into equal lengths of 30cm. Sand the pieces of timber and then stain or varnish them.


1.1.png  1.2.png


Step 2

Take four of the short lengths and join them at the corners. Drill a guiding hole and then secure with two 65mm screws. You’ll end up with a small square timber frame.


2.1.png  2.2.png  2.3.png


Step 3

Repeat the process to create more frames and overlap them like bricks when you place them on top of each other. This is both for strength and an attractive design. Build as high as you like and twist the frames slightly for different effects.


3.1.png  3.2.png


Step 4

Glue the frames together by spreading construction adhesive around the top of a frame and placing another one on top.


Now you’re ready to plant. Check out How to fill a raised garden bed for planting tips.


4.1.png  4.2.png



  • 4 lengths of 70 x 35 x 3000mm Pine timber

  • 1 pack of 65mm screws

  • 1 tube of construction adhesive

  • Clear timber varnish or your choice of stain.


  • Hand saw, panel saw or jigsaw

  • Drill or Phillips screwdriver

  • Sander

  • 80-grit sandpaper

  • Tape measure or ruler

  • Pencil

  • 50mm paintbrush.











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Thanks for accepting me into your group.  I am loving some of the beginners DIY and was wondering how I save the project.  Can someone please help out a tech dummy 🙄 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @derosalainc. It's fabulous to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about this wonderful project.


It's great to hear that you've found these beginners How To guides useful. The easiest option to save a project would be to bookmark the page within your internet browser. That way, you can quickly return to the page when needed. Alternatively, if you bookmark our How To section, you'll find all the projects located conveniently in one place.


Keep us updated and let us know if you need a hand with a project. We'll be looking forward to hearing all about your projects and plans around the house and garden and can't wait to see what you create.



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