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How to help your garden recover after a storm

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Split trees, fallen branches and damaged plants are common once a heavy storm has passed. Here are some expert tips that can help bring your garden back to life after a storm. 

1. Clean up


Assess damage to trees and remove fallen or damaged foliage, says Julie Risk, Bunnings team member and garden care expert. You can then "compost or hire or purchase a chipper so foliage can be reused in the garden to replace washed away mulch". Re-mulching your garden will also protect any exposed surface roots, she says. 


Michelle Moon, Bunnings team member and horticulturalist adds damaged branches and plants provide a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Remove them from plants as well as off the ground to break the breeding cycle.


2. Feed and trim plants 


It's key to use plant tonics like Seasol to help plants recover and minimise shock, says Julie. "Trim back damaged branches and stems to encourage fresh growth," she adds. Remember to exercise caution when trimming or removing branches near powerlines. Always check with a professional if in doubt. 


It's also advisable to stake any shrubs or trees that have become unstable and repot plants that have been knocked over with fresh potting mix.


Have a look at the guide How to know when to repot your plants by Bunnings Workshop member and horticulturalist Adam Woodhams (@Adam_W) for handy tips.  


3. Check soil 


Michelle says it's key to check soil moisture before watering after a storm as plants may already be soaked from the rain. You may have to drain or replenish soil to prevent fungal diseases and root rot.


Check out the guide How to determine soil health by horticulturalist and Bunnings Workshop member @Noelle for more advice.

How to deal with split trees and fallen branches


Julie advises engaging an arborist to get a professional opinion on your tree's health, whether it can be salvaged and the recommended next steps.


"Regarding fallen branches, I would suggest either hiring or purchasing a woodchipper or cutting them up into smaller pieces and bundling them up as most councils will collect these in a clean-up."


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