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How to replace a flyscreen

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Difficulty: Beginner

Replacing flyscreen is a quick, easy and inexpensive job. It enables you to ensure there’s plenty of fresh air in the house while keeping the insects outside where they belong.


Step 1

Before removing the flyscreen, give it a quick brush or wipe down. Make sure you remove any spiderwebs or built-up dust.


1.1 Tools Materials.jpg  1.2 Damaged Screen.jpg

Step 2

Remove the flyscreen frame and lay down on a flat surface with the spline groove facing upwards. Place the screwdriver beside the spline and wedge it underneath. Do this until you are able to lift it up enough to grab. Then proceed to remove the rest of the spline. 


2.1 Removing Spline.jpg  2.2 Spline removed.jpg

Step 3

Now the spline is removed you will be able to remove the old mesh screen. But before you replace the mesh, check the frame is square by measuring corner to corner diagonally. If each diagonal measurement is the same, then the frame is square. If slightly out, use a hammer to gently tap the corners until square.


3.1 Removing Flyscreen.jpg

Step 4

Place new mesh over the top of the frame. Ensure there is a minimum 2cm overhang on all sides before cutting with scissors.


4.1 Measuring new screen.jpg

Step 5

Inserting the new spline can be tricky and requires a little patience. Be careful not split the spline or damage the mesh. Push the spline end into a corner using your screwdriver.


5.1 How to insert spline.jpg

Step 6

Use the spline roller to finish inserting the rest of the spline. Be mindful to pull the excess mesh slightly when using the roller. This will add extra support and helps stop the mesh catching underneath the spline. Use the screwdriver to finish off and push the spline into the frame at the corners.


6.1 Spline Roller.jpg  6.2 Spline installed.jpg

Step 7

Remove the overhang with scissors or preferably a utility knife for a closer finish. After a quick wipe down, your flyscreen is now ready to be hung back on the window.


7.1 Remove excess mesh.jpg  7.2 Full size screen replaced.jpg  7.3 Job done.JPG


  • Flyscreen mesh

  • Flyscreen spline


  • Spline roller

  • Tape measure

  • Brush or cloth

  • Screwdriver

  • Scissors

  • Utility knife

  • Hammer


1.1 Tools Materials.jpg

1.2 Damaged Screen.jpg

2.1 Removing Spline.jpg

2.2 Spline removed.jpg

3.1 Removing Flyscreen.jpg

4.1 Measuring new screen.jpg

5.1 How to insert spline.jpg

6.1 Spline Roller.jpg

6.2 Spline installed.jpg

7.1 Remove excess mesh.jpg

7.2 Full size screen replaced.jpg

7.3 Job done.JPG

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