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Laminate to go over sink

Finding My Feet

Laminate to go over sink

I truly feel totally stupid. All I want is a piece of laminate cut that matches my kitchen bench to go over sink. Please see photos & measurements.

I live in a small but cute little bungalow & every mm counts. I would like to use this piece of laminate as a chopping board. If anyone can help me with this, I would be incredibly grateful.IMAG0320.jpg






Re: Greatfull if you could solve my query

Hi @AmyL


This may be all too late but I have been in the kitchen renovation business 33 years and an Aussie bush engineer. A piece of laminate bench will be heavy, thick and have to be re-waterproofed regularly underneath in case you scratch the waterproofing otherwise it will swell up and end up in the bin.
A large piece of bamboo chopping board or less pretty acrylic chopping board from hospitality supply would be better. The bamboo could have a rail attached from and back the sit on the bench just outside the sink edges to be stable and to make it level as sitting on the sink drainer the fall to drain makes it not level.
If you purchased the oversized bamboo board and go visit a few of you local Joiners with it in hand, someone will do it for you on the spot. Don’t phone around first as the answer for this small job is likely to be no. If you turn up with beer in the car and ask nicely it is likely to be yes. Pick a local small outfit joinery.

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Greatfull if you could solve my query

I was going to do a similar setup with a piece of pine so the electric frypan would sit level on the sink, I have a lot more choices of next indoor project now.

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