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How to fix gap in floor trim?

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How to fix gap in floor trim?

The floor trim is creating a gap in many places, means its coming off the nail. How do I fix it back?

I tried with liquid nail and created mess. If any one could help me how to install/repair with necessary tool.


20210813_112527.jpg20210813_112542.jpg20210813_112608.jpg, it will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot,


Praveen .

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Floor trim

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community Praveen (@PraveenS1). It's fantastic that you've joined us, and many thanks for your question on floor trim.


I'd suggest the best course of action would be to gently remove the trim if it is loose and clean any excess liquid nails off the surfaces. You'll also need to remove the existing nails as they are obviously not holding it in place sufficiently. Once you have two flat surfaces, you can re-apply the liquid nails, place the trim into position and use Paslode 50 x 2.0mm 100g Bright Steel Bullet Head Nails to hold it in place. I'd suggest a nail every 500mm along the length of trim. Once you have fixed the trim in position, take a damp rag and clean off any excess liquid nails.


As you've discovered, it's quite difficult to adhere the trim as it is now, and it'll likely be easier to remove it and attach it correctly.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Floor trim

Thanks for your time to writing to my question. You have explained every step very clearly. 

Once again thanks a lot.



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