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Semi-industrial shelving

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Semi-industrial shelving

We have a lot of unused space under the breakfast bench--the perfect place for some storage. The AWW (Edit: changed Mrs to AWW, Amazing Wonderful Wife, under advisement) is getting more adept at woodworking so was keen to do a project by herself--I stood back & only intervened with advice when I thought necessary, which turned out to be not much :smile: [She also learned the value of the adage of "measure twice, cut once" :smile: -- funnily, I forget this one on occasions :unhappy: ] So, the project was a set of shelves, mounted on castors for looks as well as function. And the AWW did a great job!



* 2 of 1800X405X18MM panel like 1800 beech FJ panel (ripped back to 300mm to fit under the bench): $80

* 1 of 1200X300X18MM panel like 1200 beech FJ panel: $20

* 6 of 36x3/8" threaded rod: $27

* 5 of fixed & swivel transparent plastic castors: approx $26

* nuts, washers, dome nuts: $?



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Re: Semi-industrial shelving

@pete_brig What a great use of space, I hadn't really thought about utilising all that area. I think i'll attempt to build something similar as we have the same un-used void, thanks for the inspiration!

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