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VJ panelling bedroom makeover

Making a Splash

VJ panelling bedroom makeover


Some big changes to this room, which included closing off the parents retreat to turn into a study (the parents retreat had a separate entrance) and my favourite feature being the nib-wall. 

Firstly the bifold doors and jamb had to come down. The door jamb was solid Tasmanian Oak, so I saved these for the shelf on the nib-wall. 
Then to close off the doorway with a 90x45 frame and a nib-wall using 90x45 all the way across the bottom; quite simply covered with VJ panelling & my favourite paint; Porters Paints in Yacht Race. Finished off with the door jamb for the shelf (also painted in Porters Paints Rubble)


Some other modifications in this room include:
Covered the old black leatherette bed with linen fabric from spotlight and used an Ozito electric staple gun
New pendant light shades which I just love 
Painted the bedside tables to match the wall (Porters Paints Yacht Race and Rubble)
A beautiful illustration print from Aussie Posters of Bells Beach in a Kmart frame
Changed over the old ceiling fan
Plus the making of the plant stand and the plant pot cover


Here is a before & some afters:







Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: More VJ Panelling - Bedroom Makeover

Amazing @craftyhopper. What a beautiful space to retreat to.


Thanks for sharing another incredible and inspiring project with us.




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Having an Impact

Re: VJ panelling bedroom makeover


Thank you for posting this job. It looks absolutely amazing. We were contemplating putting VJ panelling in our bathroom above the tile. My husband is concerned that the sheeting, because it’s 9mm thick, would be too heavy to attach and would require us to remove the existing walls first. You don’t appear to have done this. We haven’t used this product before but you look to be an expert!!

Re: VJ panelling bedroom makeover

Hi @Jesse1 

Thank you for your kind comments. 
I have used VJ panelling in a bathroom before. But for a bathroom i used the Pine version of VJ and not the MDF. MDF will swell up with the moisture in the bathroom. 
To attach it to the wall, I’d recommend using a combination of liquid nails and a nail gun. If you don’t have a nail gun, you can just use a hammer and nail to pin the board in its place. 
If the section is fairly small, you might be able to get away with just liquid nails, but always best to be safe and pin it also 😊 


You can check out my bathroom makeover if you like. It has the pine VJ board above the splash back tile 😊


Happy to help anyway I can 

Re: VJ panelling bedroom makeover

Hi @Jesse1,


Here's @craftyhopper's stylish bathroom makeover so you can take a look.




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