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Wall mounting a TV on Metal stud


Wall mounting a TV on Metal stud

Hi There


I have a 43inch TV that i want to wall mount . The weight is 10 kg for the TV. I also have bought a wall mount  bracket ( whose weight by itself is anoter 2.5 kg. 


the wall in my home has metal studs. while i plan to drill into the metal stud to then use the bolt screw provided along with the bracket , the manufacturer seems to have supplied the bolt screw keeping wooden studs in mind ( it says 8.8 bolt and a length of 60 mm  , 4 of these to fit into the bracket to the wall ) . will these by itself be enough to mount the TV or do i need to use toggle bolt to hold this weight?  ANy suggestion would help.


thank you



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Re: Wall mounting a TV on Metal stud

If you can locate the studs and they are in the right place for matching the bracket holes I would use metal thread screws instead of the wood threads supplied. 10G screws I would think are the right size and around 50mm long.

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Re: Wall mounting a TV on Metal stud

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @arijit_bh. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


I see you have already received a prompt and helpful reply from the very knowledgable @Brad which is great.


I'd agree with Brad that switching out the timber screws for Buildex 10 24 x 50mm Zinc Plated Countersunk Head Metal Tek Screws 25 Pack would be a good decision.  


If you have trouble locating the metal studs or they don't line up with the mounting holes another option is plasterboard fixings. You can fix the bracket directly to the plasterboard with four Ramset Super Wallmate Toggle Anchors. Each of these anchors fixed directly into the plasterboard will hold 20kgs and four of them would be more than sufficient to hold the 12.5kgs you are dealing with.


Please let us know if you needed further advice or had any questions.




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