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A pool with no chlorine or salt

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A pool with no chlorine or salt

Anyone heard of natural swimming pools before? They are self-cleaning and have no chlorine or salt, just plants and friendly algae. Cost seems like the biggest issue, although there's less ongoing costs without the need for chemicals and pumps. Sounds fantastic. See

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Re: A pool with no chlorine or salt

Hmmm. how do they treat the not so friendly Bacteria, Toxin and Decaying matter?
If there's no chlorine, pumps, proper filtration, moving water,flotation & sedimentation tanks, and  Water Purifying Management Systems  that Water Engineers use etc,etc
Maybe they should give a health risk warning to those with compromised immune systems? Like "Swim at own risk"

Dept of Health WA Publication How safe are natural water ways

Also see DIY pool Maintenance which IMO @Jason is due for an update

Re: A pool with no chlorine or salt

They still need water to be pumped around.

Works like an aquarium in a way, I think they use scoria as a filter medium that also has bacteria living in it to clean up the debris. Plants are to take out nutrients and CO2 and their waste is oxygen.

Aquaponics is the closest I can think of where you play the part of the fish.
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Re: A pool with no chlorine or salt

Anything frog friendly gets a thumbs up from me. :smile:

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