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Any temporary fix for tricky driveway slope?

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Any temporary fix for tricky driveway slope?


I have a funny driveway where the road connecting to it is really sloped and the connection is really tricky to get.

I have a van and it makes it like one wheel spinning in the air. I am renting though so I can make any permanent driveway rebuild...

Was wondering if there was any practical solution  like wood ramp that I could build/put in place when driving in and out, then remove after. any advice would be great



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Re: removable solution for driveway slope

Hey @yannrandri 

Your best bet would be just fill the gap with brick or rocks that way it's not a permanent solution but it gives you a really nice foundation and good grip. Chances are when your lease is up the land lord won't mind it being there if it's not intrusive but if is then it is easily removed.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: removable solution for driveway slope

Hi @yannrandri,


I can't think of any solutions apart from using Dingo 20kg Bitumen Repair to build up the sunken area.


It's hard to see just how much room you have to work with on the actual driveway part, but the area marked looks like a quick shortcut into the driveway, skipping the corner. Do you need to drive over this area? It appears that if you would make your turn later, you should be able to enter the driveway at the correct approach and angle and avoid lifting a tire in the air.


A combination of some of the bitumen repair and avoiding this area if possible might be the best solution.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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