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Balcony inspiration

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Balcony inspiration

Hi Everyone, 

Keen to get some ideas for my townhouse balocny. Have a built in BBQ but want to add an area that we could grow some herbs, have some plants etc.  


Picture of the balcony can be found below.


Look forward to your suggestions.





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Community Manager

Re: Balcony Inspiration

Welcome to Workshop Jase (@jperera). It's great to have you as part of the community. 


That looks like a wonderful space already. But I'm sure Workshop members will have some suggestions for you. 


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Re: Balcony Inspiration



Great space. But it's definitely a good idea to soften it a little with some greenery.


Vertical gardens are great for balconies as a real space saver.






apartment-feature-wall-cbd-view.jpg Vertical-wall.jpg  


What's on the left side of your picture? More glass railing?

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Re: Balcony Inspiration

Looks like a wonderful space. I would just recommend that you keep it simple and don't try to over-design, over-complicate or overcrowd the space. A few evenly spaced pots might be sufficient to soften it a little.


Do get a herb garden going as it's wonderful to be able to pick and cook with fresh herbs. I think having one pot with a range of herbs can look fantastic. A vertical garden can also be lovely but not sure you have a wall for one unless you did something between the two doors?



Re: Balcony Inspiration

I should also say that you need to be careful with your choice of plants. I'm not sure which part of Australia you are in but balconies tend to be harsh environments - hotter, dryer and windier. Succulents are always a good choice, along with things like yuccas, agave, herbs. 

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Re: Balcony Inspiration



Looks like you have an awesome view!


I would consider how you might use some timber to add some warmth to the space. Perhaps a bench seat or some timber screening. Looks great when combined with some greenery...



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Re: Balcony Inspiration

Do plant some herbs. I recommend parsley, basil, mint, chives, coriander, thyme, oregano, lavender, sage and rosemary - all have many uses.

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Re: Balcony Inspiration

I like the suggestion of a timber bench seat. 


Re: Balcony Inspiration

Bench seats can also double as handy storage. 



Re: Balcony Inspiration

Hi All,

Thanks for the ideas and will keep you updated with what we decide.

I think herb garden would be great but hanging from the wall there isn't too much room. I like the adding wood suggestion to soften the balcony!

Thanks again, really appreciate the feedback.

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