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Circular raised planters with seating and fire pit

Finding My Feet

Circular raised planters with seating and fire pit

With the kids having outgrown the trampoline, we set about redeveloping the rear section of our garden.  With a roughly circular space of 4–5m diameter available we designed the garden to have eight planters, seating for four and space for additional seats if required. Sized to suit Bunnings treated pine sleepers cut to stand vertically, we were aiming for semi-rustic look. The seating was made using treated pine decking, and with the addition of four “Jack – Black Zen” plant trainers and our two year old Mimosa Fire Pit the project was complete.


200 x 50 treated pine sleepers

70 x 35 treated pine framing

140 x 22 treated pine plinth

90 x 22 treated pine decking

10-8 x 65 external timber screws

8-10 x 35 external timber screws

Aquapro pond liner

Brunnings Volcanic decorative scoria

Compost, Potting mix and Garden soil

1600 x 600 Jack “Black Zen” plant trainers

Click – Cassidy solar lights

Mimosa 70cm fire pit


Ryobi one+  165mm circular saw

Ryobi 210mm compound mitre saw

Ryobi one+ Drill/Driver

Ryobi one+ Impact Driver


Step 1

Measured the area available and then hand sketched and designed the layout of the planters and seating. The units were sized to suit the 200mm width of the sleepers keeping the front face of each section to three sleepers width. Working out the required quantities of wood we then ordered these for delivery, at the trade desk of our local Bunnings.



Step 2

Prepared the site, removed the existing rock retaining walls and pushed back the garden soil. Flattened the existing deco granite using a long piece of wood as a float and to check the level, then marked out the locations of each unit.



Step 3

Cut the sleepers to length and bevel the edges at the correct angle for the joins between units.

Build each unit using the 70 x 35 for the frame and attach the prepared sleepers vertically.

Using off cuts to reinforce or close gaps between the sleepers as necessary.



Step 4

Position each unit and screw together, to create each of the three main sections, aligning these to ensure the positions are correct to allow for the retaining walls between these.

Cut and fit the pine decking to make the seating areas, this was done after the rest of the work on each section was complete to allow these to be custom cut to provide a neat finish on the joins.



Step 5

Build and install retaining walls between the main sections, again using offcuts to reinforce where required.

Oil the seating to provide weather protection and to provide a contrasting colour.



Step 6

Using the 140 x 22mm plinths, create a base in each of the raised planters, using the frame of the units as the support for these. Leave gaps between the planks, and drill sufficient holes in these to allow for adequate drainage.

Line the sides of the planter units with pond liner, to ensure that these will be safe for use for edible plants by preventing any leaching of the pine treatment into the soil.

Add a 50mm thick layer of scoria in the base of the planters to allow for drainage, and to prevent the soil from blocking the drain holes. 

Step 7

Back fill garden beds to the retaining walls, use sleeper offcuts to create the curved garden entrance, then smooth and compact the deco granite.

Fit the plant trainers, fill planters with a combination of soil / compost / potting mix, and plant a range of seasonal vegetables, herbs etc.



Step 8

Add solar lights, locate fire pit in the centre, light fire and enjoy.



Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Circular Raised Planters with Seating and Fire Pit

Hi @DNDiy lbeautiful job, looks great , looks so professional, good choice of materials too. well done, good luck with your entry to DIY July.

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