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Billycart for my son

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Billycart for my son




 Billy cart made for my son made with plywood and fixed with interlocking joints

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Re: Billy kart for my son

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @cflanders72. It's fantastic to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing this wonderful project.


Our members will be delighted to hear all about the steps you took while constructing this project. I'd be particularly interested to know how you designed the parts, what software you used and the method for cutting out the sections. Did you cut them out by hand or have some service do it for you? Also, are these sections glued or screwed together? I've got a small boat project on the go, and this construction method would greatly aid the build.


I look forward to you sharing as much detail as possible about this excellent project. 


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Re: Billy kart for my son


 Hi Mitchell,


I used Revit, interlocking plywood panels with glued timber dowels for the main body, see attached instructions which Anyonw is welcome to use for free, made from 12mm plywood single sheet 2400x1200mm

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