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DIY Rainwater harvesting

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DIY Rainwater harvesting

DIY Rainwater harvesting…collection and storage

Apart from adding value to the home other Advantages include:-

  • Requires little maintenance and energy
  • Rainwater is free from pollutants, chemicals, salts & minerals
  • Reduced water usage bills

These are the preliminary sketches and data that I am sharing.


Material lists as supplied for above diagram, however please make adjustments for your own roof.

Prices and water saving items and tips can be found here:-

Water harvesting & saving


Rainwater tank plumbing diagram & design schematics (using 90mm UPVC Pipe, bends, adaptors, etc.)diy Storm.jpg


Labour - 2 people digging

Time to complete approx. 3 Days based on .8m3 /man hr (80% efficiency)

PVC pipe installation includes easy site access, light digging (sandy soils), banking soil adjacent to dig and no hauling etc.

Final connection and pressure testing to be carried out by licenced plumber.

Note: No cross connections between Drinking & Non Drinking water services. Refer to Relevant codes NCC & AS3500.1 for further info.

OT. Also I would love to see some of your own innovative water conservation ideas, please share :bigsmile:

Happy Greener New Year DIYers/Workshoppers

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Re: DIY Rainwater harvesting

Our water tank certainly got a big boost from the downpours last week. We have a drip line coming off ours that very slowly waters the garden.

Re: DIY Rainwater harvesting

I have a polycarbonate pitched roof over our pool
1. Save on chlorine all year round
2. Minimizes pool water evaporation
3. Allows you to swim all day without sun screen
4. Has a rainwater diverter that is used to fill the pool
The only minor disadvantage is it takes longer for the water to heat by direct sunlight
tho we have solar heating

Pool Roof.JPG


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