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'Fencing' for Chickens

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'Fencing' for Chickens

Good day. 

We recently got 3 chickens. bought a coop from Bunnings. Now we want to have a small area in our backyard to be 'fenced off' for them to graze. 

Please can some one suggest a simple, inexpensive way to build this?

Looking forward for some suggestions. 




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: 'Fencing' for Chickens

Hi @bm,


I'll tag in our resident chicken expert @mich1972 to see if she has any fantastic suggestions for you.


The most budget-friendly option I can think of is to make a chicken run out of Saxon 90cm x 10m Chicken Wire Netting and Gardman 25 x 25mm 1500mm Hardwood Garden Stakes. Although possibly more expensive than what you were looking for, I did find the Rapidmesh 2290 x 2290 x 1800mm Chain Link Animal Enclosure quite good value for money. It's certainly a solid enclosure that will last many years.


You might like to read through these previous discussions on keeping chickens:





You could find this guide useful as well: Ultimate Guide To Keeping Chickens.


I look forward to hearing what our helpful members suggest for your chicken fencing and seeing your project results.




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Re: 'Fencing' for Chickens

Hello - welcome to the chicken family!! I love my girls. Mine free range so have the full yard to themselves. I built the coup with the run (as tagged by Mitchell) for when I have to put lock them up due to work in the yard,  but as I plan to extend in the future have been thinking of ways to keep them to the back half of the garden.  One of the ways you could do this is to extend the run on the coup, or build a chicken tunnel around your garden which leads to an area they can graze. Just make sure that your girls have somewhere to hide from predators so they feel safe.  Mine have a macadamia tree (plenty of foliage) as well as under the shed (it keeps them dry from the rain).

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