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How can I create attractive stone steps ?


How can I create attractive stone steps ?

I am moving house and the outside area has VERY steep stairs to access the garden.. They are far too steep for my 18 and 7-year-old dogs, and pretty frightening for me.  I would like to create a softer, deeper,  graduated, possibly curved steps, possibly using ironstone, or sleepers.


Has anyone any thoughts and Ideas please. ?  

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How can I create attractive stone steps ?

Welcome to the Workshop community @novice1. Many thanks for your question, I'm happy to kick-off the discussion.


There are a variety of different landscaping options which could be used to reduce the severity and steepness of the steps. Any advice would be highly reliant on seeing the area, as you are yet to move in this might be difficult to achieve.


If there is plenty of room around the stairs you could look at creating landing pads and running the stairs across the slope back and forth instead of straight down.  If you were to keep the steps in the same orientation or widen them to reduce the steepness, they would then need to extend further out in that direction.


I'm sure our community can come up with some great solutions and it would assist them if we could see some images of the area.




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