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How do I fix my outdoor umbrella handle?

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How do I fix my outdoor umbrella handle?




The handle on our outdoor umbrella has broken off and i wonder if theres parts to fix this or how could i replace this if possible please?

We cant put the umbrella down without the handle and i fear one day a gust of wind will pick it up and go flying. 

It was bought from bunnings about 10 years ago? I dont know what brand and cant be sure what would be similar

Any help would be much appreciated please









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Retired Team Member

Re: How do I fix my outdoor umbrella handle?

A warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, @netz189. It's a pleasure having you join us and we look forward to seeing and assisting you with your home improvement and garden projects.


Thanks for your question. I'm sure one of our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. experts will be happy to provide some suggestions on fixing your outdoor umbrella as soon as they can.


Let me also call upon our knowledgeable and experienced members @Jewelleryrescue and @JacobZ95 in case they have any thoughts in the meantime.





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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How do I fix my outdoor umbrella handle?

Hello @netz189 


My apologies for the late reply. I suggest trying the following steps, first fold your umbrella and secure it so that it does not open in strong wind. 


Remove the rest of the crank handle and bring it to your closest store and speak to the special orders team. Ask them to measure and take a photo of the handle and see if the spare parts team can track down a similar handle.


Next, I propose bringing your handle to a panel beater or welder's shop. Ask them if it is possible to weld the handle back together or create a patching plate between the broken pieces.


My final suggestion is to look online and contact a 3D printing shop and see if they can print the handle for you in high density polymer or aluminium. Alway remember to ask for a quote first so that you know how much the replacement part will cost.


Let me call on our experienced members @Nailbag, @TedBear and @JoeAzza for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: How do I fix my outdoor umbrella handle?

Thanks for your tips i will try that. As for fo;ding down the umbrella i cant put it down without the handle. So i will try get the rest of the handle off

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Re: How do I fix my outdoor umbrella handle?

Hi @netz189 its probably a Mimosa or Marquee both of which are Bunnings in-house brands. However being 10yrs parts won’t be available. So, I think your best two solutions will be as @EricL suggested with either a 3D print or metal engineer to have one made up. If you live in SE Melbourne I can recommend an Eng. 

in the meantime the fixing screws look in great condition and hopefully will come out in tact for both the handle and cover plate. You will need a suitably sized long medium - long handled Phillips head and maintain forward pressure on each screw as you remove them in an effort not to round the heads out.

Hopefully you will then find the spindle for the handle is square which you can then grip with a shifter to wind the umbrella down 



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